Goldberg Must Retire After Cringeworthy Loss to Undertaker at WWE Super Showdown

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistJune 7, 2019

FILE - In this July 6, 1998, file photo, World Championship Wrestling heavyweight champion Bill Goldberg puts Scott Hall to the mat during a match in Atlanta. Bill Goldberg found his toughest tag-team partner yet.
ERIK S. LESSER/Associated Press

When WWE announced Undertaker would take on Goldberg at Super Showdown, wrestling fans knew the match wouldn't be good if it went too long.

Unfortunately, the bout went five minutes longer than it should have and exposed Goldberg's weaknesses like never before. Instead of continuing to march him out at the biggest shows, it's time for the former face of WCW to retire.

At a combined age of 106 years old, both Undertaker and Goldberg looked slow at times in the match, but the WWE Hall of Famer looked terrible, especially after hitting his head on the ring post.

While it was unclear if Goldberg injured himself when he struck his head and started bleeding profusely, his performance for the rest of the main event looked sluggish. He went on to miss several spots, including a jackhammer botch that appeared dangerous.

Goldberg's aura is one of the reasons he is still so popular. Between his entrance and his signature moves, the latest generation of the WWE Universe came to love him during his battles against Brock Lesnar in 2016 and 2017.

After Friday's bout, even Goldberg's biggest supporters know its time to hang up the boots.

The reason the WrestleMania 33 match between Goldberg and Lesnar worked so well is that it was concise and consisted of both men simply hitting their signature moves and getting out before the bout went too long.

Denny Burkholder @DennyBurkholder

1) Jackhammer attempt was a BAD idea. 2) If you keep pulling guys out of semi-retirement, you should expect them to look semi-retired in the ring. They went away for a reason.

Mike Killam @MikeKillam

Undertaker did a really good job in that match, all things considered. Looked to me like Goldberg botched his Jackhammer twice, dropped Undertaker on his damn head, and Taker just called for the quick finish. He looked PISSED as hell and I don't blame him. #WWESSD

As a spectacle, Goldberg needs to be protected. Instead of showcasing his strengths and hiding his weaknesses, WWE continues to put him in a position to fail, and as a result, he needs to walk away before his legacy is tarnished.

While WWE was able to bill the bout between Undertaker and Goldberg as a Dream Match, the better booking option would have been putting each of the legends against younger talent who could have carried them to adequate matches.

Instead, the Goldberg and Undertaker main event was flat-out cringeworthy.

If two Superstars with ring rust is what WWE thinks will sell its product to casual fans, the people making the decisions behind the scenes are even more clueless than Jon Moxley revealed in his interview with Chris Jericho.

If Goldberg cares about his reputation, it's time to walk away before WWE ruins him forever.


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