Breaking Down What's Next for Brock Lesnar's WWE Future After Retiring from UFC

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2019

Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35.
Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35.Credit:

Brock Lesnar hasn't been seen in a WWE ring since losing to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35, and if a recent report is true, we might never see him step into the Octagon again. 

According to Brett Okamoto of, Dana White said The Beast told him he was retired from MMA during a recent interview.

This is big news, as many had expected Lesnar to return to UFC for at least one fight with Daniel Cormier once his reign as WWE universal champion came to an end. announced Lesnar as part of the next event taking place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on June 7, but other than that, there have been no announcements regarding a new contract. 

Despite many members of the WWE Universe hating how he kept the top title on Raw from being featured on television on a regular basis, nobody can deny how much attention he brings to the product.

Any time The Beast is set to wrestle someone, more mainstream media outlets cover pro wrestling than when he is not around, and for WWE, that kind of press is invaluable.

Lesnar will turn 42 years old on July 12. He is nowhere near being an old man, but he is closer to the end of his career than he is the beginning.

No matter what you think about him as a performer, you have to respect how smart Lesnar has been while building his brand over the past two decades. He has put himself in a position where companies are throwing money at him to work part-time.

If he does decide to stick to pro wrestling, WWE needs to be careful how it uses him moving forward.


A Lengthy Absence

Lesnar likes to take long breaks between his matches, but a month or two can fly by when WWE is running over a dozen pay-per-view events every year.

If The Beast does return past the Saudi Arabia event, it should be at least six months to a year before he shows up again. We have to have time to miss him and put him out of our minds so when he does show up, it's a genuine surprise.

The former UFC champion has been a big part of WWE since he returned in 2012 to face John Cena at Extreme Rules. The moment when his music hit for the first time since he originally left the company is a moment few fans will ever forget.

WWE can't recreate the magic from his return, but it can come close if it waits long enough to bring him back.

Even if he chooses to come back after the event in Saudi Arabia, WWE should hold off on using him until the right storyline comes along.


The Right Opponent

If you look at the list of people Lesnar has battled over the past seven years, you will find a group of future legends and Hall of Famers.

All three members of The Shield, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker, Big Show, Mark Henry, Finn Balor and many more have taken a trip to Suplex City courtesy of The Beast.

In fact, WWE has only a few Superstars on the main roster right now worthy of a storyline with Lesnar who have never faced him before.

Instead of just sticking him in the ring with whoever WWE is pushing as the biggest babyface, management should consider who will be able to put on the best performance.

One person who comes to mind is Lesnar's former college roommate, Shelton Benjamin. They have known each other for over 20 years but have rarely appeared on the main roster together.

They won the Ohio Valley Wrestling Tag Team Championship in the developmental system together but have never engaged in a significant feud.

Another good option would be someone Lesnar has faced in Japan but never in WWE, Shinsuke Nakamura. The King of Strong Style could benefit greatly from a feud with The Beast.

The options for high-profile storylines with Superstars Lesnar has rarely worked with are slim, but they do exist, and WWE should consider them if he returns on a more permanent basis.


The Right Storyline

The blueprint for a Lesnar feud has remained largely unchanged in recent years, and it was one of the chief complaints among his critics.

Someone earns a title shot, Heyman comes out to put over the challenger before claiming his client will decimate them, they have one or two physical confrontations and finally end with a PPV match.

As good as Heyman is on the mic, even he can't keep all of Lesnar's feuds from feeling like WWE uses the same template over and over while swapping in new opponents every few months.

WWE needs to be creative and find ways to use him that don't keep one of the company's top championships on the sidelines for most of the year.

Something we used to see in pro wrestling that has fallen to the wayside is Superstars fighting for a cash prize instead of a belt.

What if Lesnar literally became a prizefighter in WWE? The company could portray The Beast as being confident enough to put his own money on the line against anyone who is brave enough to face him.

The cash prize would be fake, but the importance of a win over Lesnar to someone's career cannot be overstated. If you beat Lesnar, it means WWE has big plans for you. 


What's Next?

Until Lesnar decides he wants to make a comeback after Saudi Arabia, none of this matters. He has made enough money in his career to never have to step into the ring again.

Even though he appears to shun fame sometimes, The Beast Incarnate clearly loves competing. As long as he is healthy and in good shape, the odds of him signing a new WWE contract in the future are good. 

At this point, management needs to focus on building up some new Superstars so Lesnar can have some fresh opponents when he returns. Otherwise, it will be more of the same thing we have been seeing for years. 

What do you think? Will Lesnar ever return to WWE? Will he stay retired from UFC? Which WWE Superstars would you like to see him wrestle?


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