Bray Wyatt Is Braun Strowman's Only Hope to Regain Heat on Road to WrestleMania

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistFebruary 27, 2019


Remember Bray Wyatt

Heck, remember when Braun Strowman was one of WWE's hottest commodities? 

Both items feel like forever ago now, which is a shame given the talent both have and the stories both still seem capable of telling—which almost makes them seem perfect for each other as WrestleMania 35 approaches. 

Fans haven't seen Wyatt in a long time. The usual up-and-down booking with little continuity slaughtered him time and again.

He was a world champion before the entire feud with Randy Orton went in a weird direction and resulted in his losing the title. He then limped into the tame feud and tandem with Matt Hardy's Broken version before mostly dropping off the map. 

The tale for Strowman is somehow worse. He went from the possible next top guy in the company while pulling off comic book-esque feats backstage during main event feuds to getting walloped by Brock Lesnar and looking like he's well on his way to being the next Big Show and little else. 

The Monster Among Men has been treading water in perhaps a worse way than almost anyone else.

It feels like he's been in a feud with Baron Corbin for entirely too long. His Money in the Bank briefcase was a botched opportunity. When Roman Reigns left, WWE passed him over and kept him in feuds with The Lone Wolf, sprinkling in randoms such as Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley in the process. 

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Now he's just doing things like this, which feel like a way to simply remind viewers he's on the roster: 

Along the way, Strowman was easily one of the most popular characters in WWE, so it says something he never got to feature as the top overall guy. One could argue marquee matches with Lesnar are still a great achievement, but WWE doesn't always balk at such emphatic crowd reactions. 

Thanks to the wild ride, The Monster has cooled considerably and is just another guy in the midcard. He served as the final big bad in the Royal Rumble, but he was just that—the really big guy standing in front of Seth Rollins who didn't have a legitimate shot at winning. 

Luckily for WWE, they have a tool with Wyatt, who resembles a little bit of gasoline and a spark for the Strowman fire. 

WrestleMania is all about moments, after all. And Wyatt returning to confront Strowman would suddenly beef up The Show of Shows midcard with a must-see match infused with plenty of backstory and intrigue. 

Besides, what are the boring alternatives at this point? Yet another exhausted encounter with Corbin? McIntyre deserves something better. Kurt Angle? No thanks. Maybe, maybe Lashley, but it doesn't mean much without a title at stake. 

Wyatt is perfect, not just for the mystique of the characters and the heavyweight feel of the fight, but because of their history—something Strowman shares with few other Superstars.

Wyatt brought Strowman to WWE via the Wyatt Family, yet the two have never really crossed paths and put on a match. 

The best part is the fact these characters won't take too much of a hit with a loss. Wyatt can understandably go down at the hands of a monster he created and still walk out the next night and have the whole crowd waving lights and eating out of his hands.

Strowman could lose and jump back into the stable for an extended eventual feud and beef up the tag team divisions, or simply rampage his way in the singles arena after having a meaningful story again. 

WWE has to do something with both, though.

Strowman is actually going the way of Wyatt in that fans were only going to buy in for so long before the same old thing got tired.

Extended time off will probably work wonders for Wyatt's character and the damage all the losses have done there—The Monster Among Men doesn't have the luxury of waving goodbye and dropping out for half a year or more. 

What Strowman does have is a meaningful backstory with Wyatt as opposed to his big-guy-beats-stuff-up story or the weird idea this giant was some underdog. He's not, and against Wyatt or alongside him, he can get back to being his best possible character and regain some of the footing he's lost with fans.