17 Years After NWO's WWE Debut, Who Would Best Fit in a Modern-Day Version?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 16, 2019

17 Years After NWO’s WWE Debut, Who Would Best Fit in a Modern-Day Version?

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    Scott Hall, Big Show, X-Pac and Kevin Nash.
    Scott Hall, Big Show, X-Pac and Kevin Nash.Credit: WWE.com

    The New World Order began in WCW in 1996, but February 17 is the 17-year anniversary of the day the infamous stable made its WWE debut. 

    When the NWO first began, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan helped make it one of the most important stables of all time, but after adding too many members and splitting the group into smaller stables, it started hurting the product.

    WWE's version was much smaller and more streamlined, but it was never able to capture the same magic it had during its initial run.

    Today's WWE roster is bloated. There are too many Superstars and not enough TV time to feature all of them regularly. Bringing back the New World Order could help alleviate some of these issues.

    Midcard Superstars could benefit from associating with a few high-profile talents just like they did during the stable's time in WCW. This article will look at which WWE Superstars could make the best modern-day NWO. 

Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

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    Hall and Nash became The Outsiders together, but once Hulk Hogan joined them, the trio became the New World Order.

    If WWE wants to do this right, it can't just throw together a huge stable all at once. It would need to start with another three-man group before adding more members.

    Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows didn't do much as The Balor Club, but they helped make The Bullet Club into the modern-day NWO of sorts.

    Using these three guys to kickstart the group again would be something fans would love, but more importantly, it would get a talented team like Anderson and Gallows back on television every week.

    Their chemistry and real friendship would make everything more believable than if WWE selected three random Superstars as the new founders.

    Before anyone asks why AJ Styles isn't used instead of Baloe, The Phenomenal One would lead the charge against the group as a babyface. He is good as a heel, but he is much better as a hero. 

Shane McMahon

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    Much of the NWO's power came from Eric Bischoff controlling everything behind the scenes. If a new version is going to match up, having someone in management is a must.

    Shane McMahon best fits the bill to fill Bischoff's role. He can play a heel or a babyface whenever WWE needs him to, and he is more than willing to take a bump for the sake of a storyline.

    McMahon is fine working alongside The Miz as a tag team, but he's been kind of boring since returning to WWE as a good guy a few years ago.

    Turning heel and giving a new version of the NWO a boost is exactly what his character needs right now.

Kevin Owens

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    The original NWO had three legit main event stars as its leaders, but another top name joined the group and brought his signature intensity with him, and that man was Randy Savage.

    The perfect person to fill this role is Kevin Owens. Not only is he a former universal champion, but he is one of the most intense people on the roster.

    Part of the reason so many fans love KO is that you believe every word he says. No matter what he is talking about, when Owens opens his mouth, people listen.

    On top of being one of the best talkers today, Owens can have a great match with anyone. As an added bonus, the merchandise practically makes itself. Just imagine seeing hundreds of shirts in the crowd with a logo reading "NWOwens." 

The Usos

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    Hall and Nash were the main tag team in the original NWO, but it also had guys teaming up like Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell to work midcard matches.

    A team that would fit right in with the chaotic style of the NWO is The Usos. Jimmy and Jey are not only WWE's longest-standing duo, but they are one of the best tag teams working today.

    The Usos are good in the ring and on the mic, but they have been doing the same thing for a long time. Putting them in a bigger group might help freshen them up a bit.

    Just like with Owens, this would be another golden opportunity to create some special merch using the NWO logo and their last name. NWusO or something along those lines would be a good fit.

Charlotte Flair

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    The original NWO only featured women in a valet role, but times have changed for the better, and a new incarnation would need a few top-level Superstars from the women's division.

    When the group was running roughshod all over WCW, one of the few top names who didn't join was Ric Flair. He was part of the WWE version, but he helped lead the fight against Hollywood Hogan and the rest of the stable in WCW.

    Having his daughter, Charlotte, join a new version would not only give the NWO one of the best performers on the roster, but WWE would have a reason to bring the elder Flair into the storyline.

    Imagine Ric returning to manage a small group of people fighting against the New World Order only to find out his daughter had turned on him again and joined its ranks. 

    It would help bring the history of the NWO name full circle and provide WWE with a solid storyline for both Flairs at the same time. 

Shayna Baszler

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    Ronda Rousey wouldn't be a good fit for the NWO due to the nature of her character, but her friend Shayna Baszler has everything the group would want.

    She is one of the most intimidating women on the roster, and she also has the attitude needed to be a proper heel, leather jacket included.

    Having Charlotte on one brand and Baszler on the other would allow the group to hold both women's titles at once, but the storyline possibilities are the most intriguing part about her inclusion.

    Both Superstars would have to turn on their respective Four Horsewomen stables to join the NWO, and that would give WWE the opportunity to book numerous matches using different combinations of all eight Superstars.

Buddy Murphy

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    The NWO had multiple Superstars win every title in WCW a few times except for the Cruiserweight Championship. The only member to ever hold that belt was X-Pac, who went by Syxx at the time.

    The best option on 205 Live to join a fresh New World Order is Buddy Murphy. The Aussie has the in-ring ability and the right attitude to match the stable.

    His work on 205 Live has been a joy to watch since he joined the brand. He has stolen the show against multiple opponents at different pay-per-views and deserves to be rewarded for his effort.

    Putting him in a major stable alongside some main event players could help facilitate a move to Raw or SmackDown in the future, but when it first gets going, having an NWO representative on 205 Live would be necessary for the group to dominate the entire company. 

    Who would you want to see in a new version of the New World Order?