Rachel DeMita: The Face of 2K Dominates Your Screen—but She Has Bigger Dreams

She has worked her way to being everywhere. Now the hustle pays off. Part of the B/R POWER 50 Shake It Up list.
photo of Joon LeeJoon Lee@iamjoonleeStaff WriterJuly 23, 2018

Rachel DeMita's phone never stops buzzing, because that's what happens when you're in an in-demand star who rose to fame on the internet. Rachel DeMita's job is to be Rachel DeMita, which means managing Rachel DeMita's various social media profiles—including her Instagram and its 1.3 million followers, her Twitter and its 304,000 followers and her YouTube channel with its 230,000 subscribers. The fact is, when you're Rachel DeMita, there's a lot to do, and you're never really off the clock.

In a sea of hopefuls yearning for the opportunity to speak to a large platform in front of a camera, DeMita has separated herself from the pack with a voracious work ethic and a willingness to share her life on social media. That work has yielded ample returns, including a loyal fanbase, a hosting job with NBA 2K and two appearances in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game.

"In college, my professors were telling me that my hair was too long and that I looked too young to be ever taken seriously," DeMita said. "When I graduated, every girl in my class had their hair chopped. I was like, 'F that.' I was going to do it my own way."

She moved out to Los Angeles from Washington, D.C., and worked as a waitress at the W Hotel in Hollywood, took on numerous freelance gigs and built a vlogging YouTube channel. That hustle earned her an audition with NBA 2KTV, where she received her first national platform and cultivated a hot spot for NBA interviews.

"The problem with me is that I don't celebrate things for very long," DeMita said. "I was excited for a second. But then I was like, 'OK, now what? How are we going to make this best show possible?'"

Now, DeMita is a staple on 2K's loading screen, where she can often be found interviewing some of the game's biggest stars. DeMita's life has changed dramatically in the four years since she booked the game's gig. In 2017, she became an Adidas spokesperson, regularly endorsing products for brands on top of her 2K duties, which send her around the country. Along the way, she's documented all of her travels on her YouTube channel, which continues to grow.

However, DeMita insists that she isn't going to be a host forever. That isn't what her three biggest role models—Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey—have done. Instead, DeMita hopes to convert her on-camera talent into power behind the lens, too. She wants to produce so she can open doors for other young talent to make a name for themselves like she has. DeMita said she's currently working on a big, yet-to-be-announced project while plotting "world domination" and trying to build a platform for other up-and-coming personalities.

Rachel DeMita has no plans to let her moment of being in-demand get away from her. Which is why the work of being Rachel DeMita is never-ending.

"My agent, I drive him nuts because I always have new ideas. 'Oh, what if we do this?'" she said. "I'll be up on a Saturday night, me, home with my pet, making show ideas and stuff or getting inspiration from other people's stuff. I love what I'm doing, and I just want to keep going, understanding that it could go away at any second."


Joon Lee is a staff writer for B/R Mag. Follow him on Twitter: @joonlee.

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