Don't Call It a Comeback: What Was Fleury's Attempt All About?

Steve McSween@dansallowsSenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2009

1997/98:  Theoren Fleury #14 of the Calgary Flames in action during a game at the Canadien Airlines Saddledome in Calgary, Canada. Mandatory Credit: Ian Tomlinson  /Allsport

Recently I have been having problems sleeping, and this time it's not because I'm wondering how Ron Jeremy has slept with so many hot women, but rather the fact I don't know what the whole Theoren Fleury comeback attempt was all about?

Did he want to play again, or didn't he?

Is anyone else confused?

Maybe if Fleury didn't make an impact, score a shoot-out game winner, and score a goal and three assists good for third best on the team I wouldn't be so confused.

Who knows, maybe blocking a slap shot with my face and breaking my jaw a few years back did a lot more damage than I had originally thought.

Sure Fleury, at times, looked like his legs weren't there, but he was hardly a defensive liability finishing at +4 which was good for second on the team.

One has to think that twenty games in the minors would have surely improved his game, as well as bring a whirlwind of fans and media to the new affiliate in Abbotsford.

The Flames didn't want to make room for him on the Heat because they wanted their prospects to play. Let's face it, only a handfull of players in the minors are ever going to make the jump to the NHL, its the sad reality of any pro sport, so why not send him to the AHL?

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Never has a pre-season NHL game had such an atmosphere than the ones that the Flames version of "mighty mouse" suited up for.

It basically was what I would imagine it to be like if Guns and Roses ever reunited.

Maybe with the details of Theoren's book "Playing with Fire", coming out the Flames didn't want the media circus distracting the club, but if that was the case, wasn't their any other teams interested in Fleury's services?

Last time I checked the Leafs and Islanders were still winless.

You would have to believe Fleury's veteran leadership and true love of playing the game would be infectious to the young players.

The Hockey News recently ranked Theo's comeback attempt as the number one 2009-10 pre-season performance, yet it wasn't good enough to stick.

Maybe I've watched too many Disney movies, but something just doesn't make sense.

Was it all for not just to publicize his new book?

I guess I may never know.

I guess I shouldn't really care.

But really, what else is there to talk about on yet another Sunday without and NHL game...


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