Top Five Must See NBA Games

Ari HoringSenior Analyst IOctober 18, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 19:  Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers drives the ball against LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the forth quarter at Staples Center on January 19, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

1. Dec. 25, Cavaliers vs. Lakers

One of the most anticipated regular season games I can recall since the first Shaq vs. Kobe game.  Besides this game being a possible finals preview, it has enough storylines in this one game to keep us happy for the whole season.

We’ve got the two best players head to head against the each other, the MVP of 2008 Kobe vs. the MVP of 2009 LeBron. We’ve got Kobe against Shaq again on Christmas, but this time Kobe is the one with the bragging rights.

Other story lines include Shaq vs. Phil and Mitch Kupchak, Bynum vs. Shaq, and of course let's not forget about the Laker’s newest addition, Ron Artest. He always makes things interesting.

2.  Nov. 11 Cleveland vs. Orlando

For some reason, this game seems to be forgotten as a must see game. I have read numerous lists, and most have forgotten to include this game.

Besides this being the first game between the Cavaliers and Magic since LeBron James refused to shake the Magic’s hands after the Eastern Conference Finals was over, we get to see Vince Carter on the Magic and the new Superman Dwight Howard take on the old Superman Shaq.

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Shaq is still so upset about Howard taking his nickname before he supposedly has “earned it”, he openly rooted for his former nemesis Kobe to win the championship over Howard. Howard and Shaq don’t seem to like each other and the battle of two of the best big men in the league will be fun to watch.

Let’s also not forget about last year’s game in which Shaq supposedly flopped and he and Stan Van Gundy gotten into a heated war of words over the issue, because Shaq and Van Gundy definitely haven’t forgotten it.

3.  Feb. 7,  Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics

This game is a rematch of the seven-game series between the two last year, except the stakes have been raised this year.

KG (Kevin Garnett) should be back and Rasheed Wallace is now a Celtic. While for the Magic, Vince Carter has been acquired to try and take them to the next level. Rasheed Wallace has predicted 70 wins, but this one definitely isn’t guaranteed.

4.  Dec. 12, Celtics vs. Bulls

This game is also another rematch of a seven-game series. This intense series had more overtimes and lead changes than most teams have for the entire playoffs.  Considering this was just a first round series, the fact that it is considered one of the best series we’ve seen in years, shows you just how great it was.

This game would be higher up except that the Bulls usually don't show up in the NBA regular season, and well the Celtics this time have Rasheed Wallace and KG back and the Bulls don’t have Ben Gordon.  So although this game could be must see, it could very well lean the other way as well.

5.  Apr. 11, Lakers vs. Trail Blazers

Not many Western Conference games are truly must see games. While there are a lot of good games, none of them are really anything to write home to mom about.

Rockets-Lakers was a great series last year and now has the Ariza-Artest switch factor, but the Rockets most likely won’t make it a very good game without Yao and Artest.

If I had to choose a game, it would be the Lakers-Blazers game because it could be a potentially must see game. The Blazers are still a very young team and should only improve from last season.

Oden has had a solid preseason so far, and if any team has the potential to challenge the Lakers, it is the Blazers. By the end of the season on Apr. 11 this could be a vital game as the young Blazers try to show the champion Lakers just how legitimate they really are.

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