Nick Young: I'll 'Shoot That Muthaf--ka' with Game on Line if KD and Steph Open

Maurice Peebles@tallmauriceFeatured Columnist ISeptember 26, 2017

Golden State Warriors' Nick Young during NBA basketball team media day Friday, Sept. 22, 2017, in Oakland , Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

Nick Young—better known as Swaggy P, best known as one of the NBA's most hilarious and effervescent personalities—has taken his silk shirts and fur-trimmed Gucci slip-ons to the Bay. After a journeyman's tour of the NBA that has moved him from Washington to Los Angeles to Philadelphia and back to Los Angeles, Swaggy now has a role on a team with not only championship aspirations, but championship expectations.

But Swaggy is Swaggy, so if you were expecting the wide-smiling, meme-generating, pop star-ex fiance shooting guard to change his ways now that he's a Golden State Warrior, you should probably change your expectations.

Bleacher Report's Lance Fresh caught up with the Warriors' newest addition in Los Angeles earlier this month and got answers from the 32-year-old meme legend on everything from wearing Yeezy 750s in an NBA game to taking last shots from his All-Star teammates to how much damage Gilbert Arenas has done to his home. No confused Nick Young face necessary.


Nick Young (left) and Lance Fresh
Nick Young (left) and Lance FreshPhoto by Da'shaun Thorne (@Photobyday)

Q&A by B/R's Lance Fresh

Bleacher Report: If the NBA played football instead of basketball, would the Warriors still win the title? Why/why not?

Nick Young: Yeah, hell yeah.


B/R: You're Mr. Most Hated: What's one movie you hate that everybody else likes?

NY: It, because it's trash!


B/R: What's one food that you hate that everybody likes?

NY: I hate teriyaki chicken, and I haven't had no one cook me some good Jamaican food yet [laughs].


Pat Sullivan/Associated Press

B/R: What was the biggest difference between hooping in Yeezy 750s and regular basketball shoes?

NY: The pressure [laughs]. I was like Nick, just don't get hurt or it's over [laughs]. But the Yeezy got me buckets.


B/R: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

NY: I don't really know anymore [laughs].


B/R: What percentage of your shoe collection have you never worn?

NY: About half or I give them away.


B/R: Pick one: your Nick Young confused face meme or the early celebration three meme?

NY: Confused face for sure. I love when people give me the confused face and be like: "Are you the guy from the meme? I use your face all the time."


B/R: Game on the line, you're open from your favorite spot, but KD and Steph are also both open. Pass or shoot?

NY: Shoot that muthaf--ka, then hit both of them with: "My bad y'all, I didn't see y'all open. I thought the clock ran out" [laughs].


Alex Gallardo/Associated Press

B/R: Which Warriors teammate would make the best UFC fighter?

NY: Zaza [Pachulia].


B/R: You're selling your L.A. home—are you gonna miss the "shoe house"?

NY: Yeah, I sold it. Don't trip—next house is going to have a Nick's Foot Locker in it.


B/R: How much money in damage would you say Gilbert Arenas has done to your home total?

NY: About $150K, including damaging my car, and he stole my four-wheeler.


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