Jaguars' Twitter Campaign to Gauge Fans' Excitement with GIFs Backfires

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistJuly 27, 2017
#DUUUVAL @Jaguars

Reply with a GIF to describe how excited you are for #JaxCamp17 https://t.co/HrahemnZyq

The Jacksonville Jaguars just wanted to foster some fan interaction. Upon opening training camp Thursday, the team's Twitter account encouraged everyone to describe their excitement in GIF form.

Unfortunately, they forgot how social media works. 

Also, they're the Jaguars. With a growing assortment of young talent, this could be the year they escape mediocrity. The same thing, however, was said last year and the year before that. Despite their accumulation of high draft picks, they still have not won more than five games in a season since 2010.

After the Jaguars served up a juicy volley, Twitter users took the bait.

Jeremy @Duval_Teal

@Jaguars https://t.co/lEtso4J0qj

John Osment @RohnJobert

@Jaguars https://t.co/qYQ8HksfzV

Eric Levenson @ejleven

@Jaguars https://t.co/9GztviJvzD

Kevin Stark @Starky_Leg

@Jaguars https://t.co/Xb0zJK44yF

Timothy Burke @bubbaprog

@Jaguars https://t.co/NJRbNkTX7m

MadeByTim @MadeByTim

@Jaguars https://t.co/4w74tLLDr0

Jonwell Tarly @Fullywrecked

@Jaguars https://t.co/LoYVirmrrU

Derek Tyson @DerekJTyson

@Jaguars https://t.co/vB4P55ncBR

Nathan @Duval_Jag

@Jaguars Jags acct on the left, Jags Twitter on the right https://t.co/IRvlr9qcEm

It's not the response they wanted, but the Jags are accustomed to taking losses.



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