AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega and 5 Dream Matches for The Phenomenal One

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 9, 2017

AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega and 5 Dream Matches for The Phenomenal One

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    Few pro wrestling collisions have the potential be as magical AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega. 

    The former WWE champion and The Bullet Club leader are arguably the two best in-ring performers in the world today. Electric athleticism and expert storytelling would mark the match they would deliver.

    The two men exist in two different worlds right now, but a clash between them is suddenly a hot topic thanks to Omega. The Cleaner stirred up the idea of he and Styles going to battle in the ring in a recent interview with Dan Lovranski of The Law: Law Audio Wrestling

    Omega said, "I really feel I need to have a high stakes main event with AJ [Styles]. I really feel I have to. I'm not sure where it will be. I'm just saying that it's always in the back of my mind."

    The appeal is obvious. The logistics aren't easy.

    Styles is signed with WWE; Omega works for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Neither wrestler appears to be leaving their company anytime soon. 

    A fan can still dream, though.

    In addition to a clash with Omega, Styles would make dreams come true if he were to face Mr. WrestleMania or The Great One. In some cases, the following fantasy-fulfilling bouts would be a display of in-ring artistry. Other times, they would be a merger of stars fit for the grandest of marquees.

    Only retirement, injuries and reality threaten to get in the way of these showdowns for the ages.

AJ Styles vs. Shawn MIchaels

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    Styles planted the idea of him and Shawn Michaels tangling in the ring, and it's hard to shake that captivating image. 

    Michaels made a career of putting on show-stopper matches. He brought out the best in his opponents and thrived under the WrestleMania spotlight. In many minds, he's the best in-ring performer in WWE history.

    Styles has been very Michaels-like in recent years. The Phenomenal One was lights out against the likes of John Cena, Roman Reigns and Shinsuke Nakamura in 2016.

    Imagining what he and Michaels could do together is dizzying.

    Ahead of WrestleMania 33, Styles shared an image of him and Michaels staring each other down. He campaigned for a match with The Heartbreak Kid, but it never materialized.

    Michaels has been happily retired since 2010. He's 51 years old. Even so, there's little doubt that he and Styles would tear the roof off any building they met in.

AJ Styles vs. CM Punk

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    Even three years after CM Punk's last WWE appearance, fans still chant his name at live events. There's a palpable hunger to see him perform again. His career ended abruptly, no fitting farewell, no last hurrah.

    Should Punk ever return to the ring, taking on Styles is perhaps the most appealing option on the table.

    This would be a meeting of two of the best in-ring storytellers of their generation. Punk's Muay Thai-influenced style would be an intriguing contrast to Styles' aerial assault.

    The two wrestlers battled in 2004 when both men were with Ring of Honor and have competed in a handful of other bouts on the indy circuit against each other. But each man's name has grown tremendously since then, and both performers improved their game in the years since.

    As a bonus, the promos leading up to their showdown would be off the charts. Aside from Cena, Styles hasn't mixed it up with someone as skilled on the mic as The Second-City Saint. 

    Punk's scorched relationship with WWE makes it hard to imagine this actually coming to pass, but the company has mended fences with the likes of Ultimate Warrior and Bruno Sammartino, so anything is possible.

AJ Styles vs. The Rock

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    There is not a bigger name Styles could face than The Rock, who is not only a WWE icon, but a bonafide Hollywood megastar.

    The rarity of The Rock's matches make them extremely special, as well. He's competed in the ring for a total of six seconds from 2014 to 2017, per CageMatch.net.

    And no one could get a better match out of The Great One. Styles' speed, athleticism and in-ring mastery would assure that he and The Brahma Bull would deliver in a big way.

    This bout wouldn't be as great as Styles vs. Omega or Styles vs. The Heartbreak Kid, but it would be a massive, never-before-seen clash. It's rare to have a match of this magnitude on the table that fans have never seen in any form.  

    The Rock would surely make it feel bigger with his trash talk leading up to it. As he was in his feud with Cena, Styles would be pushed on the verbal side of the equation by an all-time great talker.

    The Rock would just have to stop making hit movies for a spell to make this all happen.

AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan

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    Pure wrestling art would be the result if Styles ever met Bryan between the ropes again.

    The two clashed previously at both ROH and IWA Mid-South over 10 years ago, but like in the case of Punk and Styles, those early battles came before each man's apex as a performer. Bryan morphed into the heart of WWE in 2014. Styles was the company's clear MVP in 2016.

    Unfortunately, concerns over concussions have kept Bryan from doing what he loves.

    He has slid into a new role as SmackDown's general manager. As fun as he is as the blue brand's boss, it doesn't compare to him pinballing in the ring, playing the ferocious, fearless warrior in wrestling boots.

    If he were to ever be medically cleared, he and Styles would create something special. 

    Their match would be a clinic. Technical wrestling, high-flying and up-tempo offense would all add up to one of each wrestler's career best efforts.

AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega

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    The story of Styles vs. Omega is essentially pre-written.

    Styles' served as NJPW's Bullet Club head man until early 2016, when Omega ousted him from the group. Styles left Japan for WWE, something Omega could spin as him running off in fear. 

    Their similar styles would mesh perfectly together.

    The Styles Clash vs. One-Winged Angel. The V-Trigger vs. the Phenomenal Forearm. Speed vs. speed. 

    Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer Dave Meltzer may have to blow up and rearrange his star system should these two collide on a grand stage.

    WWE and NJPW aren't going to do any crossover bouts this point, but this may go from dream to reality if Omega chooses not to re-sign after his contract is up.


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