For Portland Blazers It's Simple: Start Andre Miller

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2009

"This team can cause a lot of problems if it stays healthy..."

Andre Miller (10-6-09)

Last season the Portland Trail Blazers began the preseason by routing the Sacramento Kings by over 40 points.  That night, there was something in the air that turned a preseason game into a memorable Rose Garden party.

This year the preseason opener was different.

This year the Trail Blazers played a preseason game by going through the motions and they beat the pitiful Sacramento Kings.  It was clear they were not trying to prove anything to themselves, their fans, or the league. 

This Blazers team knows they are going to win a lot of games this year. 

They also know they have the deepest squad in the league and their bench will be packed with players who would be starters on any other team. 

The Portland Trail Blazers will have one of the best starting lineups and we will have the best bench in the NBA

That leaves a lot of questions open about who will get play time and how that will effect the chemistry of the team.

But one thing is for sure...the Portland Trail Blazers need to start Andre Miller at point guard. 

He is an All Star point guard.  That is all there is too it. 

His veteran leadership and basketball I.Q. tonight answered the question: What if Portland acquired a veteran All Star point guard? 

Well if the answer is that they can beat a team without even playing...that is a pretty darn good answer. 

I left my opinion of signing Andre Miller on hold because I have a ton of faith in Steve Blake.  But Blake now needs to join the second line-up.  Nothing personal, pal.  Just business. 

No team can sign a veteran point guard and ask him to come in off the bench.  Not when he is in the prime of his good years. 

Andre Miller drew some of the few "oohs" and "ahhs" from the crowd tonight without even trying. 

Wait until he gets serious. 

I don't know if Greg Oden should start over Joel Pryzbilla.  I don't know how to cut back the playtime of Rudy Fernandez or Travis Outlaw because of the return of Martel Webster. 

Those questions I will leave to the hands of the qualified coaching staff.

But after a boring by the numbers preseason victory it's clear...start Andre Miller.

Andre Miller makes the Blazers iller.

End of story.


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