12 College Football Recruits to Watch at 'The Battle on the Border'

Damon Sayles@@DamonSaylesNational Recruiting AnalystSeptember 7, 2016

12 College Football Recruits to Watch at 'The Battle on the Border'

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    IMG Academy is scheduled to be in Shreveport, Louisiana, this weekend for the annual Battle on the Border showcase. Two names to watch are the nation's top-ranked outside linebacker Dylan Moses (6) and Ohio State safety commit Isaiah Pryor (13).
    IMG Academy is scheduled to be in Shreveport, Louisiana, this weekend for the annual Battle on the Border showcase. Two names to watch are the nation's top-ranked outside linebacker Dylan Moses (6) and Ohio State safety commit Isaiah Pryor (13).Credit: 247Sports.com

    Shreveport, Louisiana, has built a solid reputation of hosting one of the best high school football events in the south with its annual Battle on the Border showcase. This year, in its sixth year, the event isn't expected to disappoint with a six-game schedule featuring teams from Louisiana, Texas, Florida and Oklahoma competing in a three-day span.

    All games, which will take place Thursday through Saturday, will be played at Independence Stadium, home of the Independence Bowl, which pitted Virginia Tech and Tulsa in December. That game, a 55-52 win for Virginia Tech, happened to be the final for Hokies coach Frank Beamer.

    This year's Battle on the Border will feature a multitude of college commits and targets, but here are a dozen athletes to keep an eye on throughout the weekend. All names are listed in alphabetical order.

2018 3-Star TE Glenn Beal

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    Glenn Beal
    Glenn BealCredit: 247Sports.com

    Hometown (school): New Orleans (John Curtis Christian High School)

    Size: 6'4", 255 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 333 overall (No. 13 TE)

    Commitment status: Uncommitted

    As a 2018 recruit, Glenn Beal still has a lot of growing ahead, physically and mentally, as a football player. The strides that he's taken, however, are a sure sign that he has what it takes to be a solid contributor at the next level.

    Beal is a legit blocking tight end with good hands, and he uses his body well to shield defenders in passing situations. In a running-dominant offense at John Curtis, Beal isn't going to put up huge numbers, but he did open the season on Sept. 2 with two catches for 38 yards. One of those was a touchdown catch that was the first score of the year for the Patriots.

    Beal has offers from Texas A&M and in-state LSU, and while it's still early in his recruiting, the Tigers are the early favorites to land him. Schools such as TCU and Texas have shown interest, as well.

2017 4-Star DE Robert Beal

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    Robert Beal
    Robert BealCredit: 247Sports.com

    Hometown (school): Bradenton, Florida (IMG Academy)

    Size: 6'3 ½", 230 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 38 overall (No. 3 WDE)

    Commitment status: Committed to Georgia


    It's no secret that Robert Beal is an outstanding defensive player. His 37 offers serve as proof, and his commitment to Georgia makes him a definite player to watch in the SEC in the next few years.

    Beal is a solid rush end who possesses quickness, power and an ability to finish each play. He also has some motivation in re-earning a fifth star on his 247Sports composite profile. Beal currently is listed as a 4-star player but was a 5-star player over the summer when he committed.

    Beal chose Georgia on July 5 over offers from Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida State and other programs. He has the tools and the drive to be a dangerous, versatile lineman at the next level. Saturday can be an opportune time for him to fully showcase his skills.

2017 3-Star DT Dennis Collins

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    Dennis Collins
    Dennis CollinsCredit: 247Sports.com

    Hometown (school): West Monroe, Louisiana (West Monroe High School)

    Size: 6'1", 256 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 417 overall (No. 31 DT)

    Commitment status: Committed to TCU


    TCU coach Gary Patterson is a man who always has been respected for his defensive mind. He finds under-the-radar athletes and turns them into everyday names in the college football scene. Dennis Collins could be that next big thing in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Collins plays larger than his frame, as he looks more like a defensive end than a defensive tackle. He lines up every down fearlessly against larger offensive linemen, and he plays with an aggression that intrigues college football scouts. His motor is high, and his will to succeed is limitless.

    Collins, who has nine reported offers, committed to TCU on June 13 over offers from Arkansas, Tennessee, Ole Miss and others. He is still one of Arkansas' primary targets, and as he continues his senior season, don't be surprised if several other schools reach out to him before national signing day.

2017 4-Star DT Davin Cotton

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    Davin Cotton
    Davin CottonCredit: Student Sports

    Hometown (school): Shreveport, Louisiana (Evangel Christian Academy)

    Size: 6'1", 262 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 174 overall (No. 19 DT)

    Commitment status: Uncommitted

    Showcases like The Battle on the Border are perfect opportunities for athletes like Davin Cotton to show everybody how good he can be. He is a next-level athlete who will only get better as he continues his junior season and prepares for his senior year.

    Cotton isn't the 6'3" or 6'4" lineman, but he makes up for his lack of size with relentless play. His explosiveness makes him a menace to opposing offensive players, which explains why he already has an SEC offer from Tennessee. Cotton also is receiving interest from Florida State, Mississippi State, Alabama and in-state school LSU.

    As a sophomore, Cotton had 51 tackles and three sacks, and he returned an interception for a touchdown. Look for the athletic big man to put up breakout numbers this season.

2017 4-Star DE Joshua Kaindoh

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    Joshua Kaindoh
    Joshua KaindohCredit: 247Sports.com

    Hometown (school): Bradenton, Florida (IMG Academy)

    Size: 6'6", 256 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 39 overall (No. 2 SDE)

    Commitment status: Committed to Maryland

    A candidate for the nation's top-ranked defensive end, Joshua Kaindoh is an athlete with all the potential to end his senior season as a 5-star player. He's got prototypical size for a bookend, and he plays the game as if it's already in slow motion—which is what every athlete wants.

    Kaindoh had 13 tackles, a sack and three quarterback hurries through two games for IMG Academy, and his production is expected to see a spike. When he isn't double-teamed, he's a mismatch for many offensive tackles for four quarters of a game.

    Kaindoh has 31 reported offers, but he committed to Maryland on April 30. He chose his in-state Terrapins (he originally is from Essex, Maryland) over offers from Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Notre Dame and others. Kaindoh is Maryland's top-ranked pledge in the 2017 class.

2018 5-Star WR Terrace Marshall

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    Terrace Marshall
    Terrace MarshallCredit: Student Sports

    Hometown (school): Bossier City, Louisiana (Parkway High School)

    Size: 6'4", 190 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 15 overall (No. 2 WR)

    Commitment status: Uncommitted

    Size, speed and confidence. These are three characteristics that have helped turn Terrace Marshall into a well-known name in college football recruiting. What's scary is that he still has another year of high school football after this year.

    A big-bodied receiver, Marshall is coming off a sophomore season that included 1,343 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns. Physically, he is a problem for most defensive backs in one-on-one scenarios, particularly in jump-ball situations. He also has the breakaway speed to make go-routes look easy.

    Marshall's abilities have been noticed nationally, as he has 21 reported offers. LSU and Alabama are two schools to keep an eye on in his recruiting race. Texas A&M also is a solid contender; he has made a couple of visits to the campus since the early part of the summer.

2017 4-Star DT Phidarian Mathis

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    Phidarian Mathis
    Phidarian MathisCredit: Student Sports

    Hometown (school): Monroe, Louisiana (Neville High School)

    Size: 6'4", 287 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 253 overall (No. 14 DT)

    Commitment status: Uncommitted

    Neville High School produced LSU freshman defensive tackle Rashard Lawrence, a 5-star talent entering college. Phidarian Mathis is expected to be the next big thing to come out of Neville, and so far, he hasn't led anyone to believe otherwise.

    Mathis is a tall, physical lineman on a team that knows how to win. He plays the game with a lot of confidence, but he uses his size and strength to be a bully in the trenches. Mathis is ranked as a top-15 defensive tackle in a pool loaded with defensive linemen throughout the country.

    With 11 reported offers, Mathis has a solid list of options for college football, including Alabama, Florida, Texas A&M, Tennessee and Mississippi State. All eyes, however, are on LSU, as the Tigers hope to keep another stud Louisiana product in the state.

2017 4-Star WR Damion Miller

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    Damion Miller
    Damion MillerCredit: Student Sports

    Hometown (school): Tyler, Texas (John Tyler High School)

    Size: 6'1", 193 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 139 overall (No. 20 WR)

    Commitment status: Committed to Texas

    The East Texas area is a hotbed for talent, and Damion Miller is the latest athlete on the high school level expected to be a big name in college. Miller was the first member of the 2017 class to commit to Texas in June 2015.

    Miller is a big-play receiver who has put up home run numbers early this season. As a junior, Miller caught 41 passes for 912 yards and nine touchdowns. Of his 73 receptions since his sophomore year, 20 have gone for touchdowns.

    Baylor, Houston, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Ole Miss are among the multiple schools that have offered Miller. Longhorns fans, however, are hoping the long-term commit ultimately turns into a win on national signing day.

2017 5-Star LB Dylan Moses

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    Dylan Moses
    Dylan MosesCredit: Student Sports

    Hometown (school): Bradenton, Florida (IMG Academy)

    Size: 6'2 ½, 235 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 4 overall (No. 1 outside linebacker)

    Commitment status: Uncommitted

    Let's be honest: How much more needs to be said about the potential of Dylan Moses at the next level? He's been a household name in recruiting since he was an eighth-grader, and his 41 offers vouch for his overall play at linebacker.

    As the nation's top-ranked outside linebacker (and linebacker overall), Moses has the combination of size, speed, power and football IQ to be an immediate contributor in college football. A two-time The Opening invitee, Moses already has 37 tackles in two games played this season.

    A one-time LSU commit, Moses has been a free agent since August of last year. However, the 5-star athlete has kept LSU very high on his list. As he told B/R's Sanjay Kirpalani, he will take official visits to Alabama and Miami next month and to Texas, UCLA and Ohio State in November, but LSU is a major contender, as Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is where he built his resume prior to coming to IMG Academy.

2017 4-Star S Isaiah Pryor

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    Isaiah Pryor
    Isaiah PryorCredit: Student Sports

    Hometown (school): Bradenton, Florida (IMG Academy)

    Size: 6'1 ½", 195 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 48 overall (No. 5 S)

    Commitment status: Committed to Ohio State

    One look at Ohio State's 2017 class is the definition of a premier class on paper. The Buckeyes have the nation's top-ranked recruiting class, and Isaiah Pryor is expected to be a key piece to Urban Meyer's secondary.

    Pryor is a big defensive back who can play safety, cornerback and nickelback at the next level. His play-making ability puts him in the category of elite status, and his versatility allows him to be used in multiple packages in college.

    Pryor, who committed to the Buckeyes in July 2015, now has 44 reported offers. Before he makes it to Columbus, Ohio, Pryor still has unfinished business at IMG Academy. He's one of the leaders on a loaded IMG defense.

2018 4-Star QB Justin Rogers

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    Justin Rogers
    Justin RogersCredit: 247Sports.com

    Hometown (school): Bossier City, Louisiana (Parkway High School)

    Size: 6'4", 195 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 236 overall (No. 9 DUAL)

    Commitment status: Uncommitted

    Big-name quarterbacks are always in demand, and Justin Rogers is an athlete around whom a program can build. With another year of high school after this one, Rogers can be that keystone get around this time next year.

    Rogers has a nice arm and makes good decisions in the pocket and while on the run. His size makes him tough for defensive players to challenge in running situations.

    With Rogers being a Louisiana product, can LSU close the deal in getting his verbal commitment? The Tigers are a school of interest but, according to Rogers' 247Sports profile, not one of the teams to offer at the present time. Mississippi State, TCU, Missouri, Arkansas and Houston are among the current offers.

2018 5-Star DT Taron Vincent

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    Taron Vincent
    Taron VincentCredit: Student Sports

    Hometown (school): Bradenton, Florida (IMG Academy)

    Size: 6'3", 285 lbs

    247Sports national ranking: No. 14 overall (No. 1 DT)

    Commitment status: Uncommitted

    The defensive tackle position, annually, is one of the most important positions in college football recruiting. Taron Vincent is ranked the nation's top player at the position for the 2018 class, and it's easy to understand why when you watch him on the field.

    Vincent possesses good size and a ton of strength, and he's a load to stop in one-on-one situations. He also has a football mind being the son of former NFL defensive back Troy Vincent, who now is the NFL executive vice president of football operations.

    Vincent has 28 reported offers coast to coast, but he told Bleacher Report that he's built solid relationships with a handful of schools, including Florida State, Ohio State and UCLA. The winning school will get an outstanding defensive player in Vincent, someone who looks to get better every day.

    Damon Sayles is a National Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. All player ratings are courtesy of 247Sports' composite rankings. Stats via 247Sports and MaxPreps. Follow Damon via Twitter: @DamonSayles.