Hungarian F1 Grand Prix 2016 Qualifying: Saturday's Results, Times, Final Grid

James Dudko@@JamesDudkoFeatured ColumnistJuly 23, 2016

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg, of Germany, steers his car during the qualifying session for Sunday's Formula One Hungary Grand Prix, at the Hungaroring racetrack, in Budapest, Hungary, Saturday, July 23, 2016. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)
Luca Bruno/Associated Press

Nico Rosberg beat Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton to pole position for the 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix after a rain-soaked qualifying session on the Hungaroring circuit in Budapest on Saturday. 

Rosberg took pole in slightly controversial fashion, after a late spin from McLaren's Fernando Alonso caused Hamilton to slow in the face of a yellow flag.

Earlier, a chaotic Q1 session blighted by heavy rain saw four red flags and three crashes halt the race at different stages. Williams' Felipe Massa, Sauber's Marcus Ericsson and Manor's Rio Haryanto all went off the track and into the barriers, although all three thankfully walked away from their crashes.

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen didn't make the cut after Q2, nor did Force India's Sergio Perez.

Here are the final results, along with times, from the third qualifying session, per Sky Sports:

Hungarian F1 Grand Prix 2016 Q3 Results
1Nico RosbergMercedes1:19.965
2Lewis HamiltonMercedes+0.143
3Daniel RicciardoRed Bull Racing+0.315
4Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing+0.592
5Sebastien VettelFerrari+0.909
6Carlos SainzToro Rosso+1.166
7Fernando AlonsoMcLaren+1.246
8Jenson ButtonMcLaren+1.632
9Nico HulkenbergForce India+1.858
10Valtteri BottasWilliams+2.217
Sky Sports
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Here's what the final grid will look like, according to Formula 1 on Twitter:

Results for Q1 and Q2 were provided by the same source:



Qualifying 3

Fortunately, there was nothing but sunshine in the sky for the start of the decisive Q3 session. The improved weather provided the obvious cue for Mercedes to inevitably turn up the power.

That meant Rosberg and Hamilton setting the early pace. Meanwhile, Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo had to endure a mistake at the final corner and barely righted his car to stay third.

Sebastian Vettel hit a puddle as he approached the last turn and nearly lost control. Yet the German also recovered to ensure a top-five finish for Ferrari.

On the front row, the picture was a familiar one, with Hamilton on provisional pole and Rosberg close behind.

But things were tight, as Formula One pointed out:

On the final flying laps, Alonso spun when he hit a wet patch. The accident caused Hamilton to lull at the sight of a yellow flag, and it was all the advantage needed for Rosberg to take pole.

Afterwards, Hamilton sought to swerve the controversy, but he still pointed out how he'd held the lead before the yellow flags were raised:

Meanwhile, Rosberg felt he simply hit his best speed at just the right moment:

A Mercedes top line and a Red Bull second should make for an exciting race on Sunday. The latter are the only team looking capable of challenging Hamilton and Rosberg's dominance.

Qualifying 2

Blue skies were finally visible again once Q2 got under way after a lengthy wait. The rain may heave eased, but there were still plenty of wet patches on the track.

This made drivers alternate between dries an slicks, with Williams' Bottas the first to opt for the latter. Soon, every driver followed the Finn's lead as the sun at last stayed out.

Further forward, Fernando Alonso was edging a slightly cautious Hamilton in pole, with Rosberg a little sluggish. Alonso was turning back the clock as Hamilton slipped further off the pace.

At the same time, Rosberg rallied to finish second behind Verstappen, while Hamilton was 10th fastest after a mistake on his final lap. An equal shock was seeing Raikkonen miss out on Q3 altogether. He was joined by the unfortunate Perez.

Alonso had raced well, though, as had his McLaren team-mate Jenson Button. The pair set a rare mark for their team, per Channel 4 F1:

Qualifying 1

Heavy rain had initially delayed the start of qualifying. The Formula One official site detailed how treacherous the weather was proving:

 These conditions led to a pair of 10-minute delays.

Eventually, drivers were allowed out onto the track with a later start time, per BBC F1:

When qualifying finally got under way, Massa was first out on the wets. But the promise of more rain to come increased the importance of the early laps for every driver.

Massa set the first time in Q1 and Nico Hulkenberg soon followed. Massa had quickly been alerted by his own team that conditions would once again deteriorate:

So they did, as a red flag soon emerged to halt driving, according to McLaren:

It was time for the safety car to take to the track again and test out the conditions. Once the restart was confirmed, Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen made sure he was first out, obviously hoping to replicate Massa's swift assault of those precious early laps.

With plenty of water still on the track, a number of drivers were forced wide and bounced off the kerbs. Ericsson crashed and had to withdraw after a slide off track at Turn 10 and a collision with the advertising hoardings.

His crash meant another red flag for the opening session, according to Sky Sports F1:

This time, every driver took advantage of the restart, taking to the track as the rain began to clear. Yet they were soon halted once more when Massa drew a red flag after hitting the wall:

The fourth flag came when Haryanto hit the pressure point at Turn 10 and, like Ericsson, came to a halt at the advertising boards:

With just one minute, 18 seconds left, that drew an end to Q1 around an hour after it would normally have finished.