NBA Draft Combine 2016: Most Impressive Measurements from Chicago

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistMay 15, 2016

The 2016 NBA Draft Combine provided some wild measurements from top names.
The 2016 NBA Draft Combine provided some wild measurements from top names.Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press

Over the years, the NFL and NBA drafts have helped sensationalize measurement numbers to an almost silly degree.

It's like mock drafts, though—every number has its value when viewed through the proper lens.

With this theme in mind, the 2016 NBA Draft Combine provided some important lessons on key prospects. With plenty of game film available, nailing down official numbers to go with the film gives organizations some finality to help the grading process.

Below, let's take a look at the combine's most impressive measurements.

Wade Baldwin IV, PG, Vanderbilt

Wade Baldwin IV came in huge for a point guard.
Wade Baldwin IV came in huge for a point guard.Mark Humphrey/Associated Press

When it comes to point guards, Wade Baldwin IV out of Vanderbilt falls behind names such as Kris Dunn and Demetrius Jackson, among others, in terms of stock.

Baldwin shattered a few expectations in Chicago, though. He came in at 6'4" in shoes with a ridiculous 6'11¼" wingspan, a number that should belong to a much, much bigger shooting guard.

What does this mean? Baldwin's do-it-all averages of 14.1 points, 4.0 rebounds and 5.2 assists per game last year make plenty of sense. Baldwin is a physical freak who can make a huge difference on both ends of the court, hence his shooting 43 percent or better from the floor in each of his two collegiate seasons and 41 or better from deep in both, too.

Does this catapult Baldwin past others? Maybe not, but it sure doesn't hurt. It takes just one team already in love with the film to give the guy at the podium the go-ahead.

Cheick Diallo, F, Kansas 

Finally given a chance, Cheick Diallo put on a show in Chicago.
Finally given a chance, Cheick Diallo put on a show in Chicago.Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

The event in Chicago was a big, big deal for Kansas forward Cheick Diallo.

Folks knew going in Diallo was an athletic specimen seemingly cut for NBA play, with a 6'9" measurement in shoes and a 7'4.5'' wingspan helping solidify this.

Diallo wound up making his decision during the proceedings as well, according to ESPN's Chad Ford:

Chad Ford @chadfordinsider

Both Malachi Richardson & Cheick Diallo told teams in interviews today that they've decided to stay in the draft.

It's not hard to see why, when Diallo went on to parlay the strong measurements with a great performance in scrimmages, in one game posting 18 points.

As a freshman with the Jayhawks, Diallo didn't get much in the way of playing time. He did in Chicago and skyrocketed his stock.

Zhou Qi, F, China

Zhou Qi left the crowd in shock with his numbers.
Zhou Qi left the crowd in shock with his numbers.Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press

We all knew China's Zhou Qi was a giant.

Qi wound up confirming this with a 7'2½" in-shoes measurement. Oh, to go along with a 7'7¾" wingspan and 9'4½" standing reach.

NBA Draft captured the incredible images:

NBA Draft @NBADraft

Zhou Qi, 20 years old (China), unofficially has largest wingspan (7'7.75") + standing reach (9'4.5") at '16 combine https://t.co/lJHhEbvojz

Detractors will point out Qi's weight, which came in about as expected at 218 pounds. It's a rather large flag, but a team drafting Qi does so with the understanding he's a 20-year-old project still needing to grow into his incredible frame.

Already equipped with a strong array of offensive post moves and an uncanny ability to pass the ball from the post, Qi helped himself in a major way at the combine.

Buddy Hield, G, Oklahoma

Buddy Hield posted some rather familiar numbers at the combine.
Buddy Hield posted some rather familiar numbers at the combine.Eric Gay/Associated Press

It's time to do away with the notion Buddy Hield is a smaller guard.

Hield cemented the death of this idea in Chicago by coming in at 6'5" in shoes, 212 pounds and a superb 6'9½" wingspan—or in other words, a Dwyane Wade lookalike.

This isn't meant to suggest Hield will be anything close to Wade. But nobody could knock his averages of 25.0 points and 5.7 boards per game last season. The major complaints were his age after four years with the Sooners and his size.

Size is now out the window, and a team drafting Hield, perhaps in the top 10, was already doing so with the understanding there isn't a ton of upside, but there is surefire production for what should be a long time.

Better than expected or not, Hield did what he tends to always do on a big stage—he captured the attention of onlookers, put on a show and ensured his name stays on the minds of everyone.

All stats and info via ESPN.com unless otherwise specified. Athletic tests and measurements via NBA.com.

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