Jeff Driskel NFL Draft 2016: Scouting Report, Grade for 49ers Rookie

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After beginning his career at Florida, Jeff Driskel took advantage of NCAA rules to finish with one year as a graduate transfer at Louisiana Tech. He started in 2012 and played 29 games in four seasons for the Gators. But he became an NFL quarterback prospect with the Bulldogs.

Driskel is a big, strong, fast athlete for the position. His speed allows him to make plays in space as a designed runner on read-options and on quarterback leads from the shotgun. He's also elusive when pressured in the pocket and can pull the ball down and scramble for big gains.

Rollouts and throws on the run are all in the game plan with Driskel at quarterback. He moves with speed and balance and is athletic enough to adjust his body to throw on the go. In the pocket, he'll step up to deliver strikes over the middle of the field.

Driskel's arm strength is inconsistent. He has enough juice to throw a fastball when he needs to but is primarily a touch passer. He's able to loft the ball in between defenders on vertical routes but is at his best throwing slants and quick hitters underneath.

If you want toughness, he has it. Driskel isn't afraid to hang in the pocket until the last second and took a pounding in 2015 as he stood in behind a poor offensive line.


Driskel's passing mechanics need work. When pressured in the pocket, he will turn away his upper body while throwing, which causes him to both lose sight of the target and have trouble being accurate. On top of that, his arm sometimes comes away from his body while throwing, which affects his velocity and slows down his delivery.

The ball spins out of Driskel's hand well, but his velocity on outside routes was inconsistent. He can dial up a heater but will also throw a changeup that sails on the way to the sideline. He's at his best throwing short and underneath and has trouble when asked to time a deep throw and lead the receiver up the field.

Driskel is a spot thrower who goes to the primary read right after the snap. A shotgun-only quarterback, he is still learning how to operate in a passing offense after four years at Florida trying to be Tim Tebow. Driskel needs a ton of reps to get up to speed on timing and rhythm as a passer.


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 234 lbs.

40 Time: 4.56s

Hand Size: 9¾"

3-Cone: 7.19s

PRO COMPARISON: Brett Hundley, Green Bay Packers
FINAL GRADE: 5.70/9.00 (Round 5—Backup Caliber)


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