WWE Hall of Fame 2016: TV, Live Stream Schedule and Inductees

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 1, 2016

Credit: WWE.com

With a bull-rope-wielding cowboy, a former women's champion from Dallas and a group that terrorized babyfaces in the Lone Star State all set to be inducted, the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame class has a decidedly Texan flavor.

Sting headlines a class that features the rugged Stan Hansen, the innovative Fabulous Freebirds and the hard-hitting Jacqueline. With Arlington set to host WrestleMania 32 on Sunday, it's only fitting that wrestlers so connected to Texas get the nod this year. 

The American Airlines Center in Dallas will welcome this year's Hall of Fame ceremony.

As usual, the list of inductees is a menagerie of colorful characters. As Denny Burkholder of CBS Sports pointed out, the fashion choices are going to be worth watching:

Denny Burkholder @DennyBurkholder

Between @MichaelPSHayes1 @SnoopDogg & @TheRealGodfthr, there will be some epic tuxedo game on display at the WWE Hall of Fame. #WrestleMania

Unless one has tickets to see the presentation live in Big D, fans can choose to either see it live via WWE's streaming service or wait for an edited version to air on TV.

TV, Live Stream Info

The WWE Network (subscription required) will broadcast the Hall of Fame ceremony live. A red-carpet special kicks things off at 7 p.m. ET. Host Maria Menounos will interview Superstars and legends as they enter the arena.

On Saturday, April 2, the eve of WrestleMania 32, the Hall of Fame festivities will begin in earnest at 8 p.m. ET.

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.@WWEUniverse, we give to you the #WWEHOF Class of 2016! Don't miss the #WWEHOF THIS SATURDAY! #SmackDown https://t.co/jf4cVaEyNP

The event will stream live on the WWE Network via a number of mediums, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation consoles and Apple TV. Visit the WWE Network help section for a full list of compatible devices.

The 2016 Hall of Fame ceremony will then re-air on the USA Network on April 7. A condensed one-hour special will begin at  10 p.m. ET, just after SmackDown wraps up.


Stan Hansen

Inducted by: Vader

The Lariat was a freight train with a cowboy hat on top. Employing a nasty, smashmouth style in the ring, he left behind a trail of bruised and beaten men.

Vice Sports' Ian Williams wrote of him, "Hansen would just appear like a tornado, beat hell out of your favorite babyface and then disappear a few months or a year later to do his violent business someplace else."

En route to winning championships around the world from New Jersey to Tokyo, he dished out a level of violence that few have matched. In the process, he knocked Vader's eye out of its socket and famously broke Bruno Sammartino's neck in 1976.

The peak of his career came in Japan, where he was a major star for All Japan Pro Wrestling throughout the '80s and '90s. His success there and his imprint on wrestling history as a whole earned him a place in the WWE Hall of Fame despite his brief stay with the company.


Inducted by: The Dudley Boyz

Before Jacqueline even threw a punch, one knew she was a powerful force. Her biceps bulged as she marched to the ring, a fierce glare pointed at her foe.

She then rocked her opponents with an overwhelming style. Her list of victims included men, too. Jacqueline battled the likes of Crash Holly, Chavo Guerrero and Jeff Jarrett.

The bruiser twice won the WWE women's title and is one of only three women to win the Cruiserweight Championship. Her lengthy career saw her compete for  TNA, WCW and the United States Wrestling Association in Memphis.

As to why Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley will be inducting her, Jacqueline tweeted that they are like brothers to her:

Jacqueline Moore @JackieMooreTx

I chose the Dudley boyz, because they are my good friends behind the scenes. They are like brothers to me. They know what makes me tick.

She will be honored in her home city, where she started her memorable career.

The Fabulous Freebirds

Inducted by: The New Day

Electric performers and influential innovators, The Fabulous Freebirds were long overdue for entry into the Hall.

While they weren't the first grapplers to use entrance music, they made that element of the business a staple. Rock blared as they strutted to the ring. The trio of Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts even penned their own song: "Badstreet USA."

The New Day is an apt choice to welcome them to Hall of Fame status. The current tag champs carry on the tradition of "The Freebird Rule," a situation where a team of three or more decide who among them will defend their championship each night. That's a gimmick Hayes and Company began decades ago.

The Freebirds are best known for their heated rivalry with The Von Erichs. Together, the two factions battled in the Dallas-based World Class Championship Wrestling in front of frenzied crowds.

They will join The Von Erichs as part of the WWE Hall of Fame, in the city where they so often clashed.

Big Boss Man

Inducted by: Slick

The Big Boss Man fought for justice or symbolized the abuse of power, depending on his alignment. As a heel, he challenged Hulk Hogan for the world title. He and Akeem formed The Twin Towers, a pair of titans who battled The Hulkster and Randy Savage in the midst of the latter duo's famous alliance and subsequent split.

The Georgia native, born Ray Washington Traylor Jr., later took on foes like Al Snow, Undertaker and Big Show during the Attitude Era.

The former hardcore and tag team champion's induction is a bit surprising, as he was never a top-tier guy. The Big Boss Man was always more of a role player, even if his character left a lasting impression. 

David Shoemaker summed it up for Deadspin: "He was the archetypal midcarder, almost unremarkable, but somehow—and this can only be to Traylor's credit—entirely unforgettable."

Snoop Dogg

Inducted by: TBA

This year's celebrity inductee is a man who guest-hosted Raw, bowled over Chavo Guerrero and flung Curtis Axel from the ring. The rapper also appeared at two WrestleManias.

At WrestleMania XXIV, Snoop got involved in the Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjack match. At WrestleMania XXVII, he appeared in a backstage segment with Teddy Long.

WWE hasn't yet announced who will induct him, but his cousin Sasha Banks seems like an obvious choice.

Joan Lunden (Warrior Award)

Inducted by: Dana Warrior

In 2015, after The Ultimate Warrior's death, WWE began the tradition of the Warrior Award. WWE described the ideal honoree as "someone who has exhibited unwavering strength and perseverance and who lives life with the courage and compassion that embodies the indomitable spirit of WWE Hall of Famer, The Ultimate Warrior."

WWE Community @WWECommunity

.@JoanLunden to receive the #WarriorAward at the 2016 #WWEHOF! https://t.co/4ehNAujHpc @WWECommunity @SusanGKomen https://t.co/em92aNLnSu

Lunden hosted Good Morning America for nearly two decades. She is a journalist and author and a recent breast cancer survivor. 

She has previously appeared on Raw to raise awareness for breast cancer.

The Godfather

Inducted by: Ron Simmons and John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Like The Big Boss Man, The Godfather isn't a name that immediately rings as Hall of Fame-worthy.

Even as that eye-catching character from the Attitude Era, Charles Wright was always a solid performer and middle-of-the-card guy, not a star. But longevity and versatility helped earn him his spot.

Wright also wrestled for WWE as Papa Shango, a voodoo witch doctor, a shoot fighter named Kama and as part of The Nation of Domination. His career hit its apex, though, when he played a pimp during WWE's most edgy period.

He certainly has the respect of his peers. JBL told Bleacher Report's Jonathan Snowden, "Godfather is legitimately one of toughest guys to have ever been in this business, but more importantly one of the most talented. He took several different characters and got them all over, which is an amazing feat."


Inducted by: Ric Flair

A cornerstone of WCW and then a pillar for TNA, Sting was long known as the biggest wrestling star to never wrestle for WWE. Then in 2014, he emerged during Survivor Series' main event to help oust The Authority.

The Stinger battled Triple H at WrestleMania 31 and took on Seth Rollins for the WWE title at Night of Champions last year. After suffering a neck injury in that championship contest, his in-ring future is in doubt.

Even with just a pit stop at WWE, his career outside the company is undoubtedly Hall of Fame-worthy.

Sting was one of the most popular babyfaces in the late '80s. When the New World Order took over WCW, he became a memorable antihero with a baseball bat in hand. He followed that up with several years as the face of TNA.

His greatest rival will have the honor of inducting him on the night before WrestleMania, making Sting the first man to be in both the TNA and WWE versions of the Hall of Fame.