New Day vs. League of Nations: Winner and Reaction from WWE WrestleMania 32

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2016

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23:  Sheamus talks to the audience at the WWE SummerSlam 2015  at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
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The League of Nations picked up its biggest victory as a unit Sunday night at WrestleMania 32, defeating WWE tag team champion The New Day in a four-on-three handicap match.

WWE captured the Brogue Kick by Sheamus that set up the final pinfall:


#BrogueKick nails @XavierWoodsPhD and @WWESheamus picks up the VICTORY for The #LeagueOfNations at #WrestleMania! https://t.co/j2ElXyHWzR

After the win, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin emerged and entered the ring, via WWE Universe: 

WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

#TheLads said no three men in HISTORY could match up to them... HOW ABOUT THESE THREE?! #WrestleMania https://t.co/ZQerlRlJEn

Michaels and the other two Hall of Famers didn't pay their respects to The League of Nations, instead choosing to attack it. The WWE Universe and WWE captured the highlights: 

WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

A little #SweetChinMusic for @VivaDelRio!!! #WrestleMania @ShawnMichaels https://t.co/kdWbtbp4sK


The #StoneColdStunner just NAILED @RusevBUL!!! #WrestleMania @steveaustinBSR https://t.co/3Cg1aG8bg1

Eventually Stone Cold began dancing with New Day, per the WWE WrestleMania Twitter account: 

WWE WrestleMania @WrestleMania

STONE COLD @steveaustinBSR FEEEEELS THE POWAHHHHH of #TheNewDay! #WrestleMania https://t.co/lvFIqEs588

After the match, Rusev and Sheamus tweeted their thoughts on the match: 

Rusev @RusevBUL

Victory for #TheLads and also I will never listen to @steveaustinBSR podcast anymore ! #wrestlemania

Sheamus @WWESheamus

Two bottles of mouthwash later... i can still taste it. #MrSOCKO #WrestleMania

Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods have been WWE's dominant tag team for the past several months due largely to strength in numbers, but they met their toughest challenge yet on the road to WrestleMania in the form of The League of Nations.

Sheamus, King Barrett, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio have all held WWE gold, and while they initially attempted to win the tag straps from New Day, the feud became far more personal than that ahead of the showcase of immortals.

Issues between the two sides began at Roadblock when The Lads interrupted a Cutting Edge Peep Show segment involving New Day, Edge and Christian. That led to Kofi, Big E and Woods poking fun at The League of Nations every chance they had.

That occurred both on WWE programming and social media, as evidenced by this tweet from Big E:

Florida Man @WWEBigE

When The New Day clowns you and your hombres: (Also, when the booty is fat.) https://t.co/9Ujp8G4Ofi

Kofi got in on the act as well by flashing back to a time when New Day and The League of Nations were actually civil with one another:

King T’Kofi @TrueKofi

We gave Wade a New Day tryout. Then he went mad & chose to run errands for Sheamus. So sad...#MadKing 😡👑 #SadKing 😢👑 https://t.co/P1VJmTqOB1

That led to a Tag Team Championship match at the WWE Network Roadblock special in Toronto pitting Sheamus and Barrett against Kingston and Big E. New Day won thanks in part to a distraction from Woods, which infuriated The League of Nations.

Rusev insisted that the numbers game was the only reason why his compadres were unable to seize the titles:

King T’Kofi @TrueKofi

We gave Wade a New Day tryout. Then he went mad & chose to run errands for Sheamus. So sad...#MadKing 😡👑 #SadKing 😢👑 https://t.co/P1VJmTqOB1

New Day then proceeded to defeat Rusev and Del Rio in a championship match on Raw, which sent the League of Nations over the edge, as it orchestrated a huge beat-down of the unicorn-loving triumvirate.

League of Nations posed a WrestleMania challenge to New Day, and despite being in a four-on-three hole, the purveyors of Booty-O's accepted the opportunity to compete on the grandest stage of them all:

King T’Kofi @TrueKofi

Why not make it a trifecta @WrestleMania? #WeAccept #NewDayvsLeagueOfBooty #UnicornMagic https://t.co/H1iCCZ7FLg

Although New Day initially became a popular act shortly after WrestleMania 31 by embracing the crowd's negative reaction and turning heel, it has been portrayed in a much different light recently.

New Day undoubtedly played the face role during the build toward WrestleMania 32, and it continued to do so against the clearly heel League of Nations stable at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The WWE Universe has been getting behind New Day for quite some time due to its overall entertainment value, and going up against a team like The League of Nations very well may have completed the face turn.

New Day gained sympathy based on the fact that it was on the wrong end of a handicap match, and while top babyfaces often overcome the odds, WWE went in a different direction by having it take the loss.

Sunday's result gives The League of Nations some credibility for the first time since early in its run, but it disrupts New Day's momentum to some degree as well.

New Day can quickly turn things around since it is such a popular and entertaining group, but opting against giving it its WrestleMania moment was somewhat puzzling since it has been the flag bearer for WWE's tag team division for upwards of a year.

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