UNLV Faces Dangerous Road Test in Laramie

Chris GolightlyCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

My stomach growled. I needed food. It was lunch time.

I set out to solve this problem despite being plagued by a dangerous level of indecisiveness. Two words came to mind: dollar menu.

Cheap. Simple. Easy. Problem solved.

Or so I thought. The course of events of the next several minutes still has me puzzled.

I pulled up to the drive through window anticipating speedy, affordable satisfaction. I ended up with two tiny hamburgers, a small pile of chicken nuggets, a fistful of french fries, a bucket of soda, and a cup of creamy, frozen superfluity for dessert. It cost me nearly ten dollars.

Afterwards, I lounged for hours like a beached whale, feeling distended, unhealthy and grumpy. I tried to retrace my decision-making steps. I had every intention of spending a couple of dollars on a light meal.

I underthought, overpaid, and then overate.

I sat motionless, repeating a question in my mind:

“What in the world just happened?”

The world is bubbling over with booby traps. Booby traps mask hidden dangers; slippery slopes. Society is a veritable minefield of enticement. If you give the world an inch, it takes a mile.

For this reason, you can never let your guard down in an electronics store. You can walk in looking for speaker wire and walk out with 4000 dollars worth of unnecessary technology.

It is by this same phenomenon that your 14 year old son borrows a Panic at the Disco CD from a classmate. Three days later he is skulking around the house with guyliner and an asymmetrical haircut.

It’s a predicament Mike Sanford hopes to avoid as his team travels to Laramie this weekend to take on Wyoming.

On paper, the Cowboys appear deceptively harmless. They are led by a first year head coach. A true freshman is the starting QB. They haven’t scored an offensive TD in two games. They struggled before squeaking by a Division II school at home in their opener.

Despite the Rebel’s appalling recent history in conference road games, Wyoming is the underdog.

However, UNLV mustn’t look past the Cowboys.

The Rebels are entering a dangerously slippery portion of the schedule. Next weekend they travel to Reno for the annual in state rivalry game. Both teams will be desperate for a win.

From there the challenge increases. UNLV will host MWC heavyweights BYU and Utah on consecutive Saturdays. Two weeks later they travel to TCU.

Should UNLV stumble this weekend, they could find themselves tumbling helplessly toward another disappointing season. With three straight tough games to follow, it is imperative the Rebels build some momentum.

A win could catapult them towards a couple of October upsets and a winning record heading into a favorable November schedule.

A loss would put Sanford’s squad at 2-2; no reason to sound the panic alarm. However, the Rebels have a reputation for starting off strong, only to take a spectacular nose dive into the Sam Boyd turf.

Disappointing UNLV losses risk spiraling into season crushing four game losing streaks. A season-crushing four game losing skid will send fans fleeing the stadium, once again turning their attention to basketball in late October.

The Rebels need this game. Defeat will have them teetering perilously close to the edge.

A losing streak could have Rebels coaches, players, and fans sitting motionless, repeating a question in their minds.

"What in the world just happened?"

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