Whiteout? Blackout? Who Really Wins (and Who Cares)?

Daniel McGowinCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2009

It seems that it is now fashionable for teams, particularly college football teams, to have color-themed games.  Penn State has pulled the “whiteout” at Beaver Stadium and while it is cool looking, it does not really do anything special.

But at least with Penn State it makes sense; one of the primary colors is white and it is prominent even in the home (color) uniforms.  Georgia has pulled the “blackout” a couple of times.  Yes, Georgia does have “black” as one of their colors, but it is not prominent.

Florida State, on the other hand, rolls with garnet and gold (officially).  Yet, they have had at least one “blackout” game over the past three seasons.  Black is not part of the primary colors of Florida State, yet they still went with it and encouraged fans to do the same.

[Note: The primary reason for the FSU "blackout" is to 'honor' the Seminole Nation.  You know, the real one and not the fans.]

But what is the real point of these fashionable games?  Does it make the fans cheer louder?  It would be awesome if shirts made a person become more of a fan, but obviously it does not.

Sure, it shows cohesiveness, but are fans not united by the love of their team?  Must they wear the same-colored shirts like that “cute” family that chooses to wear all the same types of shirt—from daddy all the way down to the damn family dog?

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Does it make the players perform better?  I am not sure of Penn State’s record in “whiteout” games, but I know Georgia (donning the black jerseys) demolished Hawai’i in the Sugar Bowl in 2008, only to have Alabama kill them in a “blackout” game last season.  Florida State is 1-2 in “blackout” games, losing twice to Boston College but beating doormat Duke.

Nevertheless, teams continue to do this.  Although it seems that Florida State will not have a “blackout” game this year.

Oh, but that has not stopped the powers that be in Tallahassee from coming up with another color-themed, minor league baseball-esque game!  Let’s "steal" the Penn State theme, which is doing their “whiteout” game this weekend against Iowa (who, by “stole” the whiteout from the Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes)!  Yes, Florida State is having a “whiteout” this weekend against South Florida.

Good lord, come on!  Want to do something different?  Paint the field garnet!  Yes, I know Boise State has the blue turf, but a garnet field with gold yard lines would be awesome.

A “whiteout” game is boring because it has been done before.  Plus you know that people will look at Florida State’s version and just claim that they are copying Penn State.

Let’s be real.  “Blackout” games and “whiteout” games are about merchandising!  It is why teams have multiple colors of hats and shirts, including camouflage.  Shops are loving these color-themed games because people just “got to have” the shirts to fit in with the rest of the suckers, OOPS, I mean fans.

At least with these “whiteout” games you can play a fun game—when there is a crowd shot, find the fans in the crowd of “white” that is wearing a different color.  For example, with the Florida State-South Florida game, look for fans wearing garnet (or gold).  You could do an over/under for some coin.  Or, turn it into a drinking game!

I hope Florida State loses and goes 1-3 in their cute little color games!  Not likely because Matt Grothe, the talented South Florida quarterback, is out for the season.  And the Bulls have played against some of the worst teams on the planet! 

Seriously, Wofford?  Charleston Southern?  Western Kentucky, likely the worst team in the FBS!?!?  They do have the talented (and highly-touted) B.J. Daniels filling in at quarterback, but it likely will not be enough.

It does not matter what color Florida State wears on Saturday.  We already know who the real winner is…Garnet & Gold, the “locally-owned” FSU apparel store!

This article originally appeared on Uncle Popov's Drunken Sports Rant on September 24, 2009.


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