Are the Georgia Bulldogs a Sleeper in the SEC East?

Isaac ScheidtCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2009

Every Bulldog fan is thinking the same thing and nobody wants to say it.  

"Do the Bulldogs have a chance to win the SEC East this year?"  

While we have just dabbled our toes in waters of conference play, Georgia is off to a great start with wins over South Carolina and Arkansas.  (See Just Whistlin' Dixie?: Analyzing SEC Contenders and Pretenders for Georgia's place in the conference breakdown.)

As the season continues for Georgia, one giant obstacle stands in their way: the Florida Gators.  This insurmountable force showed us last Saturday that they cannot simply name their score before a game and march out and post it on the Jumbotron.  

The Gators are still human and they might not be as unbeatable as many people think they are.  I will admit that the Georgia defense is not of the same caliber as Tennessee, but the point is Florida is not a team of robots; they will have their ups and downs like every other team.

The Bulldogs' season will be in a make-or-break situation on Oct. 31 when they match up with the Gators.  For Georgia to win the SEC East, they will either have to beat Florida or else hope for two SEC losses from the Gators.  In all likelihood, the latter will not happen, leaving Georgia with an important game in Jacksonville.

While there is a lot of hype going into the Cocktail Party in a few weeks, one big question looms: Can Georgia make it through the rest of their SEC schedule unbeaten?

With a 2-0 record so far, Georgia has put themselves in a great position.  They face four straight SEC games that will define their season after this week's non-conference contest with Arizona State.  The Bulldogs play host to LSU before two trips north to Tennessee and Vanderbilt, and then an October finale against Florida.

LSU will be a great matchup as both teams are in fights to surprise the top of their divisions.  Tennessee will be a dangerous team because of their defense, but Vanderbilt should be as easy a win as they come in the SEC.

After these four straight games away from home, Georgia has a very manageable schedule remaining with Auburn and Kentucky both traveling to Athens to complete the SEC schedule.  On paper, Georgia matches up well with every SEC team on their schedule except Florida.

Bulldog fans have to be excited with the possibilities this year holds, especially considering the low expectations before the season.  Georgia has a long road ahead of them, but the journey looks promising as Joe Cox leads a powerful offense into the heart of heated SEC battle.

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