Michigan's Start was Pleasing, But Can It Carry Through the Big Ten Season?

Peter WhiteContributor ISeptember 25, 2009

We're less than a day away from the start of Big Ten play, and now the question for Michigan is: Can they carry the momentum from the first three weeks into Big Ten play?

I believe, from what we've all seen, that Michigan is going to surprise some people this year. Now did any of us imagine Michigan going 3-0?

I certainly didn't, but they have impressed me because of one reason: team chemistry. There's no doubt that Michigan looks a lot better than a year ago, but they seem to look like they are closer together as a team this year than last year. That has been a huge boost in their success these past three weeks.

Not only is the offense averaging over 30 ppg and over 400 yards a game, but the offense looks to be in rhythm and clicking. There have been times when they weren't clicking, but for the most part, the offense has been the most impressive.

They should hopefully carry this momentum into Big Ten play, and keep in mind that defense, even though they've given up a lot of yards. The defense is playing with passion and aggressiveness that we really didn't see last year.

They should continue to get better every game, as well as the freshmen QBs who didn't have a great performance. They were good at times, but they weren't great either. Tate looked off his game; Denard, even though he ran for two long TDs, threw two picks. Luckily for the Wolverines, they racked up 380 yards on the ground.

Look for this team to get better and better every week, but also keep in mind that they will have an off game and maybe might not play as well as expected. They are still a very young team—89 of 120 guys are freshmen or sophomores. They will continue to improve, and I look for a 6-2 conference record, possibly 7-1. Who knows?

Now to the Games the First Matchup tomorrow vs Indiana should be a pretty manageable game for Michigan. Expect Michigan to run the ball more and wear down the Indiana Defense which will open up the pass for Tate Forcier and his receivers. The First two road games for Michigan are Oct. 3 vs Michigan State and Oct. 10 vs Iowa.

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Now the Michigan State game will be tough because MSU has lost its last two games and heading into this weekend's matchup with Wisconsin things aren't lookin' good for them. I expect that they come out of the tunnel fired up and ready to play but in the end Michigan's speed and overall athleticism will win the game for them.

The Iowa game is where I think they will slip up because of Iowa's tough defense they have only allowed 12.0 ppg this season and I think this will be the first true defense that Michigan will face this year. The Delaware State game, I'm not gonna go there because we all know that Michigan will win that game, MARK MY WORDS.

The Penn State game will be another tough one but I think the Fact that Michigan is playing at Home and the fact that the crowd is in there Favor will help them get a victory here. Now the next three games against Illinois, Purdue and Wisconsin two of those are on the Road and I think that Michigan will take care of business and win all of those games.

Now on to the Finale against Ohio State in the Big House Nov 21. This will be the Toughest Game all season long for both teams as Michigan comes in 10-1 while OSU comes in 9-2 so both Teams will be looking for Redemption. But given the Fact that Osu has won the last five meetings this game looks to be another win over archrival Michigan right???

WRONG I think again the Fact that Michigan is playing at Home and the fact that Tate Forcier will have had a ton of game experience. Also Michigan will be a Hungry Team and looking for Redemption from OSU. So Michigan will win this game because of there Swagger and Momentum of the success this season.

So I have Michigan going 7-1, maybe 6-2 in Confrence play.


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