Randall Cobb For Heisman in 2010

joseph mattinglyContributor ISeptember 23, 2009

LEXINGTON, KY - NOVEMBER 8:  Randall Cobb #18 of the Kentucky Wildcats carries the ball during the game against the Georgia Bulldogs at Commonwealth Stadium on November 8, 2008 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Randall Cobb, the dynamic do-it-all wide receiver, quarterback and punt returner for the University of Kentucky, is definitely a key weapon in head coach Rich Brooks’ offensive scheme, but he seems to get very little national recognition for his talents.

This year's Heisman race is a toggle between big-name quarterbacks and massively impressive running back Jahvid Best, so it is safe to say that Cobb will not receive an invitation to New York. But should his name be thrown around when next season’s Heisman race comes around?

In UK’s first two games this season, Cobb has three touchdowns, two receiving and one rushing from the wildcat formation.  He has a total of 167 receiving yards and 34 rushing yards. Last season as a QB, Cobb was 52-99 for 542 yards with two TDs and five INTs. As a receiver Cobb had 21 receptions for 197 yards with two TDs. Cobb’s total rushing stats for 2008 were 79 carries for 316 yards and seven TDs. These numbers, combined with season, give the 19-year-old Cobb a career line of 12 total touchdowns, two interceptions, for 1256 total yards. Keep in mind these numbers do not reflect Cobb’s return yards.

If Cobb continues to mature and keeps on a moderate progression for this season, his numbers for the year will be in the range of  15-18 total TDs for around 1100-1200 total yards. That is very impressive for a sophomore combo wide receiver. So with that type of number raking, shouldn’t Cobb be in the Heisman conversation next season?

With the Heisman, a player’s position means a lot. It is very unlikely that a wide receiver wins the Heisman. It just doesn’t happen too often. The voters love quarterbacks, and if there is ever a case that Jimmy Claussen doesn’t win or Jacory Harris goes back to his non-super human status, then the voters will hand the award to a running back, probably USC’s Joe McKnight.

But Cobb should receive recognition in his junior season and receive enough hype to give him serious credibility for his senior year. That is when Cobb could really have a shot at getting the award.

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After having a serious junior campaign with senior QB Mike Hartline, Cobb will be leaned upon heavily to lead the offense under new head coach Joker Phillips and first-year starting quarterback Morgan Newton. This will be the year Cobb will shine. Phillips will try some new schemes in the offense that wouldn’t fly under Brooks, and will tailor to his highly-dependably combo receiver.

Coach Phillips will be careful to not place too much on Newton's plate and try to groom his new QB. Phillips won’t overload Newton but he will give Cobb everything he can throw at him. It would be the best bet that Cobb will catch all that’s thrown his way, and maybe a Bronze statue in the process.


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