Penn State Fans Prepare For A "White-Out" In Happy Valley

Megan KlockContributor ISeptember 23, 2009

The only thing that’s getting most students through this busy week in Happy Valley is Saturday’s highly anticipated night game against Iowa, which has students growing more ecstatic by the hour.

The football players aren’t the only ones who want revenge on the Hawkeyes.  Every Nittany Lions fan still remembers watching the unexpected and heartbreaking loss we suffered late in the season last year, which put an end to Penn State football’s undefeated streak. 

The excitement of this weekend's matchup is starting to kick-in around campus.  Signs encouraging everyone to wear white to the game are posted outside of buildings, and downtown stores have displayed game-day "whiteout" t-shirts for the past couple of weeks. 

After last weekend’s game against Temple, flyers were handed out to fans as they left the stadium reminding them to wear white to the Iowa game. The Penn State Student Section Organization on Facebook created a group encouraging students to not only wear white, but to bring a blank white poster to increase the intensity of the white-out. 

So far, more than 3,000 students have responded to the invitation, with most thinking it is a good idea and it will stand out from the other game-day signs made by fans from other schools. 

One fan in the group stated that he thought the idea was terrible, and unless every fan follows through with the plan that it will be pointless. Another fan stated it is one of the best ideas he has heard yet. Because it has never been done before, it will portray unity and originality throughout the Penn State student section. 

Either way, most students seem to be for the idea and just look forward to being part of the amazing atmosphere Saturday night in Beaver Stadium.

The presence of College GameDay in Happy Valley on Saturday also has fans looking forward to waking up early and heading toward Beaver Stadium to get in on the excitement. College GameDay is usually an opportunity for fans to come with decorated signs, and it is always entertaining for everyone to see the creative stuff that people come up with.

The Facebook group is also telling the fans to bring the blank white signs to GameDay in hopes the plan will begin there. 

It will be interesting to see if this idea will follow through. Regardless, there is no doubt that there will already be enough white in the White House.

Get your game faces on.  It’s going to be one very loud and exciting night.


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