Nebraska-Virginia Tech: Huskers Rip the Heart Out of Fans in Loss to Hokies

Bugeatersteve StuchlikCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

From what I have heard around Husker nation these past couple of days, Matt O'Hanlon is probably still underground in Lincoln, with many so-called fans screaming for his head.

Have you people not heard anything that Bo Pelini has been preaching for the past two seasons? They are a “team,” not a group of individuals.

If you want to blame someone for the loss, besides Coach Pelini, why not also blame the offense and the quarterback for being unable to score a touchdown in all those trips to the red zone?

Also, don’t forget that we had the ball at the Hokie 46-yard line with two minutes left in the game and couldn’t get a single first down to put the game on ice, now could we?

So why do you want to lay the blame for the whole game on one player at the end of the game? Is O'Hanlon really responsible for this loss? I think not.

Coach preached “execution” all week long, but then at critical times the “not ready for prime time” Huskers failed to do just that.

Some of the specific plays included the holding penalty by the Huskers that ripped a third quarter touchdown off the board. Add to that the three penalties by an undisciplined offensive line that moved NU out of field goal range. We also had a busted coverage by two experienced defensive backs late in the game.

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Add it all up, and you get what we got: “a one-point loss” to a top 15 school on the road.

In his post-game press conference, Pelini stated the following:

“We all take responsibility for not finishing the deal,” Pelini said. “You’ve got to finish the deal, and we didn’t do that. They made the plays, we didn’t. Pretty simple; in a game like that, you’ve got to make the play.”

At times the offensive line was excellent; Roy Helu proved that he will be a force in Big 12 action with 169 yards rushing on 28 carries. That doesn’t happen without excellent line play. But then they also were their own worst enemy; they self-destructed when we had the ball first and goal at the Tech six-yard line.

One holding call and two incomplete passes, followed by two false-start penalties, and the Huskers ended up punting from the 38. Shades of the late Bill Callahan era came leaping back into my head.

Zac Lee’s numbers were horrible, no question, going only 11-of-30 for 136 yards and two interceptions; it brought back memories of Jammal Lord rather than Joe Ganz. However, Zac will take this experience and make himself a better quarterback down the road.

Redemption can happen as early as two weeks in Columbia against Missouri on Oct. 8 and then again the following week when Texas Tech brings its air circus to Lincoln.

V-Tech began disrespecting our medium to long passing game as the game progressed as Zac just couldn’t get his game going. You can bet that Missouri will employ the same defensive principles as the Hokies did until the passing game can burn them.

Until then, the “not ready for prime time” Huskers will go back to work this week and work on these problems against our final Sun Belt Conference opponent of the season, when Louisiana-Lafayette, who lost 31-3 against LSU, comes to town. 

So people, get off of Matt's back, and let's get back behind the team and go kick the crap out of Louisiana-Lafayette next Saturday in Lincoln. GBR—Bug OUT!

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