Five Reasons Why Arkansas Razorbacks Lost To the Georgia Bulldogs

Jonathan Fravel@jfravel135Senior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2009

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Quarterback Joe Cox #14 and Tavarres King #12 celebrate a touchdown against the Georgia Bulldogs of the South Carolina Gamecocks at Sanford Stadium on September 12, 2009 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

1. Discipline

The Hogs were penalized 11 times for 100 yards. Flags were flying all over the field in this game but the penalties were bigger and more costly to the Hogs. In fact, the Bulldogs had the yellow flag tossed at them 14 times but for fewer yards (93).

I will put money down that says Petrino will clean up this act before next week. More than 50 yards in penalties and the Hogs will pay a bigger price against the men in Crimson.

2. Defense

A shoot out means that neither team can stop the opponent. Both defenses in this game were less than average for an SEC champion. You should expect a win when your team totals upwards of 485 yards. One exception, when your defense gives up 530 yards of total offense to the opposition.

3. Lack of Balance

Hogs total offense is impressive but unbalanced. When 405 of a total 485 yards offense comes from the air attack, the offense is predictable. It looks great to put up big numbers but one or two plays, one or two turnovers makes all the difference in the world. Too much yardage between the twenties. Granted, on this night, the end zone line was crossed repeatedly but unfortunately, by both teams.

Georgia had more total yards and better balance. 530 total yards, 375 in the air, 155 on the ground. The 80 yard run by Richard Samuel in the second quarter probably wreaked havoc in the minds of the linebackers throughout the game. Play action keeping them off balance, worrying about the run.

4. Inexperience

The Razorbacks are talented, but have yet to gel as a solid unit. In a game like this, one or two plays that work against the offense success can (and did) cost the game. "It's a shootout," Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino said. "In a shootout, you have to make every play count."

Inopportune penalties in this game stymied drives by the Razorbacks and kept drives alive for the Bulldogs.

5. Depth

Petrino is only in his second year. The Hogs are talented on offense but the defense is in a world of hurt. The first team will allow them to compete in most SEC matchups, but when pitted against strength and size, the defensive front seven will wear down early in the third quarter of most games and begin to yield big plays on the ground. Time of possession becomes a factor when a ground game takes control.

If the Hogs can keep the game close by scoring on offense, they will continue to have a chance to win. When the scores come too fast and the defense doesn't have time to rest, as strange as it may seem, the scoring becomes counterproductive.

Next big matchup, Alabama. No rest for the weary.


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