Georgia Tech-Miami: Post-Game Thoughts

Zachary OstermanCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 10:  Quarterback Josh Nesbitt #9 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets warms up before the second half against the Clemson Tigers at Bobby Dodd Stadium on September 10, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

(Josh Nesbitt probably felt this hopeless most of the night)

Dan Aykroyd probably said it best: That wasn't so good, now was it?

Georgia Tech got played off the field at Land Shark Stadium (seriously) Thursday night by hosts Miami, and really at no time did Tech even come close to looking the better team.

Below, you'll find some post-game tidbits. Full column to come.

  • This was nine kinds of bad. Captain Obvious, I know.
  • Tech ran for 95 yards. That's a number that's too low even if it's doubled for this offense.
  • Tonight wasn't a question of schemes or playcalling or skill so much as it was simply character. Miami wanted to challenge Georgia Tech physically at every opportunity, and the Jackets backed down every time. After watching Clemson do much the same and succeeding at times, Paul Johnson has to be worried.
  • Jacory Harris is good. Very good. Great poise, great passer. But make no mistake, this game was won along the offensive line. Tech's pass rush was as punchless as a drunken church mouse. I haven't seen a Miami line this good in eight years. Harris looked great, but it's pretty easy to look like a stud when you have an infinite amount of time to throw the ball. Tech coaches couldn't have liked watching Robert Hall limping off the field late either.
  • The Georgia Tech offensive line, since the first snap of the Peach Bowl, has been a massive, debilitating weakness. The same players that were delivering blows and clearing holes last fall are getting physically dominated and rendered completely obsolete on the large majority of plays. The option will never, ever work if a defensive line can get the kind of penetration Miami or Clemson got consistently.
  • Bay-Bay Thomas ain't all that either. The one-eyed man is king in a world of blind men, and therefore Thomas looks pretty good in a run-heavy offense. And he made some good plays Thursday night. But he also dropped what could have been a pivotal touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter, and I'm not big on a "physical" receiver who succumbs, regularly, to shoestring tackles on bubble screens. He's better than that, and like just about every other Jacket, he needs to show it.
  • Can't blame this one on Josh Nesbitt, try though ye might. He made the biggest plays of the evening, and most of the time, he never really had a chance.
  • Tech, as a team, just had no emotion, while Miami shipped it in by the truckload. The 'Canes were never in doubt of winning this game.
  • The Jackets have to improve defensively against big plays. For the second straight week, the big play—particularly in the long passing game—doomed the defense to failure. That's preventable with this group.

Chew on that for awhile, I'll be back soon.

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