Memo to Nebraskas' Blackshirt defense: It's time

Bleacher ReportAnalyst ISeptember 16, 2009

Time to start playing like the Blackshirts of old. Time to start reminding yourselves, everyone outside this program, and this state what the Blackshirt tradition is all about.

It's time to begin to wipe clean the images and memories of embarrassing performances forged by a former lame duck Big 10 defensive coordinator.

When the Blackshirts were at their best, every player played the game with a sense of passion, of reckless abandon, always willing to put their body on the line for themselves, the team, and the guy next to them.

They played with a sense of purpose, of knowing that each and every game, they would go on the football field and be the most physical, nasty, tough, dominant group of defenders the opposition had faced.

Even when at their best and most dominant they didn't win every battle or game. But, what they did do is enforce their will on opposing offenses in such a way, that whether or not the other team walked, limped, or had to be carried off the field they knew without doubt, that they had just come across the toughest, most physical team they had ever faced.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen this same type of attitude, passion, or relentless pursuit of being that type of defensive team in a long long time.

Not since 1999, and guys like Kyle Vanden Bosch, Steve Warren, Julius Jackson, Mike Brown, and Ralph Brown have I witnessed a defense that played the game so fast and hard that it made one think that their hair must be on fire.

That group just hit and hit and hit and then hit the opposition some more.

Someone, any player on this defense needs to take an active and vocal leadership role.

If that means getting in a teammates grill, or grabbing a face mask to get someones attention than by all means. Do it.

Who is it going to be guys?Ā 

Who is going to step up to be remembered as a member of a defense that started to reinvigorate the proud Nebraska Blackshirt tradition of hard nosed, tough, relentless defenders?

There is no better time than the present guys.

That time is now.


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