College Football Predictions: Baby's Losers for Week Three

BabyTateSenior Writer ISeptember 15, 2009

The second week of the season gave college football fans several reasons to remember why the game is so beloved despite the fact the entire personnel of your favorite team changes every four years.

Who could see 78 points being scored in the usually defense-oriented South Carolina and Georgia clash?

Will any game this year exceed the thrill of the late game drives by the youngsters at the helm of Southern California and Michigan as they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat? 

Can anyone compete with Florida? Will the Gators be tested at all this season?

Let us turn our attention to the upcoming clashes of Saturday, Sept. 19.

                                                      Baby's Losers

1. Texas Tech @ Texas

The best game of the year last season. This year, the Red Raiders will compete, but Texas has the ability to become the BCS champion. Look for Texas to explode. 

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Baby's Loser: Texas Tech

2. Georgia @ Arkansas

The Razorbacks are a dangerous team with the unorthodox Bobby Petrino at the helm. A vote for the Junkyard Dog defense to improve enough to take this game in an upset.

Baby's Loser: Arkansas

3. Florida State @ Brigham Young

The Seminoles continue their slide backward but will rise to the occasion and give the Cougars all they want in what could be a turning point in the FSU season.

Baby's Loser: Florida State

4. Nebraska @ Virginia Tech

Can the mountain folk hold off the improving flatlanders from the cornfields? Let's call it the upset special of the week as the ACC takes another hiding on the big stage.

Baby's Loser: Virginia Tech

5. California @ Minnesota

Fans will recognize these two unbeatens have been headed for a showdown. In what could be the best game of the day, the Golden Gophers go down swinging.

Baby's Loser, Close: Minnesota

6. Utah @ Oregon

The Ducks have recovered from the Boise State debacle, and the Utes seemed shaky last week in San Jose. In a thriller, look for the nation's longest winning streak to end.

Baby's Loser: Utah

7. Michigan State @ Notre Dame

Who is angrier? Whose pride is more injured? How much action, how much drama do you crave? Make sure to be on hand when the Irish and the Spartans fight it out!

Baby's Loser, Close: Michigan State 

                                                 Saturday's Tough One

8. UAB @ Troy 

In-state rivals have had enough of being pushed around and look to take it out on each other. In another thriller, the Blazers come up short against the Trojans.

Baby's Loser: UAB

                                                 Game of the Week

9. West Virginia @ Auburn

The fast improving Tigers look to jump on the surprising Mountaineers in this battle of the unbeatens. Recent history says take the Mounties but strange upsets can happen.

Baby's Loser: West Virginia

Last Week's Record 6-3, For the Year 12-6. Missed UCLA, Michigan, and USC.

The mighty defending champion "12" roared back to a record of 8-1. He was joined by the impressive Georgia Dawg, dependable Tim P., Bill B., Matt S., Kevin, Cliff, Randall, and Robert.

Coming in with a superb 7-2 record we find Kimberley. (It must have been a great week to be a jawja fan!) Joining Kimberley we find Tim C., Dan B., Daniel, Michael O., Tom O., "Steady" Connor, Rich, Tyler, Tray, Carl, Tim B. Travis, Chris C., Wes, Wil, and J.D.

This entire group is to be commended—terrific work from all of you.

Joining Baby Tate at 6-3 we find the teenage wonder Isaac, the pride of Ohio State and Notre Dame—Kristofer and Michael C., Emperor Mosang, Southern Man, the uncanny J. Michael, Mr. Texas James Colt, Brad, Chad, Drew, early riser Ryan R., Trey, James, Taylor B., Ed, Brandon, Scott, Chris Y., Tony A., Jim, and Randy.

Coming in with a solid 5-4 record we find Illya, Red Raider (himself), Rick G., Ben Long, and Alex L.

The Mendoza line caught several high-flying predictors in its web this past week. Among those are Ohio State heavyweight HD, along with the normally accurate Kent, Sandman, the always affable Cedrick, Mist, and Bryant.

A strange phenomenon inflicted some of the top predictors this week. Mitch went 5-3 but did not pick the Tennessee-UCLA game. Stephen S. was also 5-3 but did not pick the South Carolina-Georgia game.

Josh D. went 6-2 but did not pick the Minnesota-Air Force game. Daryl T. went a stunning 7-1 but did not pick the Gopher and Falcon clash either.

And then there is the case of Josh D., who went 6-2 but picked both Air Force and Minnesota even though they played each other.

Hey, we'll get 'em next time.

A great round of applause for all who participated, and here's a cheer for everyone to continue such great performances.

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