Bugeatersteve's 2009 Bottom 5 Rankings Week 2

Bugeatersteve StuchlikCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2009

Welcome back to my rankings for Week Two, and I do mean “rank”.

Things weren’t quite so volatile this week as only two of my bottom dwellers (Washington and San Diego State) got into the win column. Because of that we have two new worthy successors to replace them. The team’s previous ranking is in parenthesis.

No. 5 (5)-San Jose State Spastics– Played a tough game to No. 17 Utah before losing 24-14. The game was actually tied going into the fourth quarter. Because of this showing their ranking stayed the same. Next loss to Stanford next Saturday.

No.4 (NR)–Virginia Calves– Makes their debut in the bottom five by virtue of a 30-14 loss to TCU. That loss coupled with the previous week’s loss to that D-II singing duo William and Mary gained my attention. Virginia was so bad against TCU that they only had seven first downs and three of those came in the fourth quarter against the scrubs. Virginia only had 177 total yards and 83 of those came on their last two scores. Not once did they drive inside the red zone. Their next loss this Saturday will be to Southern Mississippi.

No. 3 (NR)–Colorado Sheep– Ah it does make me feel good to place Colorado here. As the highest debuting team in the bottom five this week. What did they do to deserve such a high ranking? Uh, only losing to Toledo to the tune of 54-38. Toledo gained 624 yards and averaged almost 10 yards per play. In fact quarterback Aaron Opett had four touchdown passes and ran for two more and almost out-gained Colorado by himself 428 to 451 for Colorado. Next loss at Wyoming.

No. 2 (4)–Troy– Rising up two spots, the Trojans came back strong against Florida in Gainesville last week to the tune of 56-6. In keeping with their strong overall team, they were out gained by Florida to the tune of 663-139 and went an impressive 2-16 on third-down conversions. Next loss to UAB.

No. 1 (1)–New Mexico Lubes– They maintained their No. 1 ranking with a beat-down at the hands of Tulsa 44-10. Continuing their impressive start from Week One, the Lubes were out-gained 489 to 171, which actually lowered their total offensive average to 201 yard since they did gain 231 against Texas A&M. They did improve their rushing average though from 0.9 to 3.4. Next loss to Air Force.

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Dropping out of the bottom dwellers were Washington and San Diego State.

Well that is all that I have for this week’s poll. Look to see you again next week.