The Texas Conundrum: Longhorns Need Rivals To Win More Games

Kody Brannon@@kodysportskornrCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2009

AUSTIN, TX - SEPTEMBER 5:  Defensive coordinator Will Muschamp of the Texas Longhorns gets pumped up after a turnover by the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks in the first quarter on September 5, 2009 at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

As any loyal Longhorn fan will tell you, it's a good day when the 'Horns win and the Sooners lose. But as we all saw this past weekend, the Oklahoma State Cowboys lost too.

This will now put the Longhorn nation in a state of unease. While watching other Big XII teams lose makes the faithful happy, it's a sad fact of reality that for a team like the Longhorns to have any respect and keep teams like USC behind them, they need their rivals to win...and only suffer a loss at the hands of Texas.

In the past this never mattered, but now in the BCS, teams are not only graded on wins and losses, but they are graded on the wins and losses of their opponents too.

So now the conundrum: Do Texas fans root for the Sooners and Cowboys to not lose again and help keep the Longhorns No. 2? Or do you root against your rivals just so you can scoreboard them every chance you get?

If Texas can stay focused, they will have a great shot at getting into the BCS Championship game. But do those chances diminish with every Sooner and Cowboy loss? This is where every Texas fan finds their thoughts today.

Another loss by either team and all of a sudden, instead of playing two top 25 teams in their schedule, they end up playing two teams who are barley in the top 25, or worse yet, out of it. This in fact hurts the Longhorns ranking in the computer part of the BCS. Also, the faithful need to root hard for BYU and Houston to both have strong seasons. The better they do, then those losses on our rivals gets diminished just enough that Texas can hold onto their chance at the National Championship.

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The computer rankings always come down to tenths or hundredths of a percentage point. So having both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State drop to the bottom half, or even out of the top 25, could give another team the opportunity to jump Texas in the final standings. This is not just a scary thought; it's the reality in this broken system that we call the BCS.

So for every Saturday here on out, as Longhorn fans fill in the stadium, enter the sports bar, or sit down on their couch to watch the game, they will have the nagging thought of what another loss to those two teams means to our national title hopes.

So to all my fellow Longhorn faithful, root carefully.

While seeing the Sooners lose and Cowboys lose makes us all giddy, remember the big picture. The worse they do, we end up being hurt. I am not saying root for them, just hope that they don't lose again until we beat them.