Tigers Still Growing as LSU Beats Vandy

Dale WeaverCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2009

Ugly is such a subjective word. What’s ugly to some may be pretty to others.

LSU’s victory over Vanderbilt in week two will be scrutinized subjectively, but with much to be thankful for in the win, it was still ugly no matter what type of glass you're looking through.

With that being said, a rain-soaked Death Valley only managed to kill softly, for I’ve never heard a quieter Tiger Stadium after halftime as I did last night. Fans by the thousands must have decided to beat the traffic.

I actually saw a number of Tiger fans yawning. Can you imagine that? Tiger fans sitting back in their seats and yawning...in Tiger Stadium...on a Saturday night?!

The Tigers' game plan of "huddle...no huddle...come to the line of scrimmage...stop, look to the sidelines...checking off the defense" was difficult to enjoy.

The offense, although respectable considering the conditions, was off rhythm…especially in the first half.

In the second half, Coach Crowton must have taken notice of the herky-jerkyness from the first and began calling a more up-tempo game.

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Tiger Nation also got its first look at Russell Sheppard.

The true freshman showed his elusiveness on a number of plays, but was welcomed to the SEC by Vanderbilt on his second touch when he caught an across-the-middle 10 yard pass and had the ball knocked out of his grip. It was LSU’s only turnover for the night.

Sheppard certainly brings an electricty when he touches the ball.

The defense, after having Washington put nearly 500 yards on them, managed to keep a very potent Vandy offense off the field. Allowing only seven points and 210 total yards was more like the Tiger defense we’ve come to love.

Although the Tigers came out with a win in the last two weeks—which have not been very pretty—the fact remains that opening on the road some 2,500 away from home with Washington and a pretty tough home game against Vanderbilt has greatly tested this 2009 team already.

One of the commentators last night asked Coach Miles what he thought was the best attribute that this Tiger Team has, to which he replied, “toughness."

There’s no doubt that this Tiger team has toughness, but will all the pieces of the offense and defense come together in time to take on the meat of the schedule?

These Tigers are still finding their way, still looking to grow. Their best has yet to come.