Huskers Face Toughest Sun Belt Opponent: Arkansas State' Trap Game Looms

Bugeatersteve StuchlikCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2009

Okay, so maybe my by-line is an oxy-moron, sort of like jumbo shrimp and baby grand.

Well, after many fans claim that Cody Green should be starting at quarterback (even if he only does know only 15 plays by his own admission). I do believe that Zac Lee will be at the helm Saturday afternoon against the Red Wolves of Arkansas State.

Maybe after we get into conference play, then we can discuss that issue.

All kidding aside, yes, I am a little serious about this being a Husker’s “trap game” given the fact that we do venture into Blacksburg the following week and the fact that they beat Texas A&M last year down in Kyle field, which is no easy feat no matter what.

Arkansas do have a couple of threats on the offensive side of the ball to make things problematic for the Huskers.

Last season, as juniors, quarterback Corey Leonard and running back Reggie Arnold lead Arkansas State to more than 4,700 total yards last season to break a 57-year-old school record.

Not to be outdone, the defensive has a defensive end by the name of Alex Carrington, who checks in at 6-5 and 285 pounds. All Carrington did last year was to rank in the top 15 in sacks with 11 ½ and had 19 tackles for losses.

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He is the returning Sun Belt conference defensive player of the year, so he will be a concern for the Shawn Watson’s on Saturday. Good thing Watson goes against Suh each week huh?

Running back Arnold has a chance to become just the eighth player in NCAA history to have four 1,000-yard rushing seasons and with a seasoned quarterback it is a team that probably won’t get rattled playing in Lincoln. They pretty much stay in a two back set but does mix things up on occasion.

One thing I believe you can look for out of the Huskers in this game is more defensive pressure. That was the one big negative in last week’s game besides the penalties that has to be addressed and corrected. Earlier this week Bo stated that the defense was soft against FAU and had to improve.

Pelini is the type of coach that doesn’t speak just for the purpose of hearing himself talk.

The players are well aware of this fact, so that when he does say something it is something that everyone better pay attention to it or you won’t be seeing much playing time.

The word around the practice field this week is that the team has had sharp and solid practices, this speaks well in terms of being prepared for Saturday’s game.

For my prediction I see the Huskers not falling to the trap and winning their second straight Sun Belt game by the score of 42-10, GBR!!