The South Carolina Offensive Report Card For Game One: NC State

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2009

RALEIGH, NC - SEPTEMBER 3:  Wide receiver Moe Brown #9 of the South Carolina Gamecocks breaks the tackle  against the North Carolina State Wolfpack during the game at Carter-Finley Stadium on September 3, 2009 in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

As a "real life" third grade teacher, I always view things as a test.  In the No Child Left Behind era, you must maintain an ethical and accurate scoring of your students with a set rubric and scoring guide.

I am going to give South Carolina's offense their very own No Child Left Behind positional grade every week using a grading scale.  At the end of the year, I will check to see if South Carolina's offense made "Adequate Yearly Progress" by giving them a final report card.

Some positions will receive bonus points for touchdowns.  For example...if a FB (used only as a goal line back) only carries three times for three yards but runs each in for a touchdown, he probably deserves a higher grade.  We cannot punish "students" for what they cannot control.

I will explain my mathematical thinking for each position as I come to it. For future articles of this nature (which will occur weekly, after the games), I will not explain the process.  (Keep in mind that the weights are my own opinion.  This is only for fun.) 

Table of Contents

1.  Intro and Table of Contents

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2.  Passing

3.  Rushing

4.  Receiving

5.  Defense, Special Teams, and Coaching

6.  Closing


I will take into consideration completion percentage, yards, and touchdown to interception ratio.  (Rushing will be counted with the running backs). 


Completion Percentage: 

More than 65% = A

60-65% = B 

55-60 = C 

55-50 = D  

Falling below 50% = F 

Yards Scale

250+ = A

200-250= B

150-200= C

100-150= D

Less than 100= F

TD to Interception Ratio

2 or more TDs than Int's= A

1 more TD than Int= B

Even= C

1 More Int than TD= D

2 or more Int's to TD= F

Stephen Garcia


Garcia had a better outing than the stats showed.  He looked a bit jumpy in the pocket, and made a bad misread for an interception.  He did show zip on his ball, and he mostly protected it.  He will get better with time. 

Completion Percentage: 59% or C+

Yards: D+

TD/Int Ratio: D

Overall Grade: D+ 


For the running game, I will use yards, yards per carry, and longest run as the grading scale, with a bonus of one grade per touchdown added to the final grade.


100+= A

70-100= B

40-70= C

20-40 = D

Less than 20= F

Yards Per Carry

5 or more= A

4-5= B

3-4= C

2-3= D

Less than 2= F

Longest Run

40+ = A

25-40 = B

15-25= C

5-15= D

Less than 5= F

Brian Maddox

23 carries, 66 yards, 1 TD, 9 LG

Brian Maddox carried the load for the team and had mixed results.  At times he looked extremely powerful.  However, he seems to lack quickness.  He has the potential to be a Cory Boyd-type Carolina back, but he needs to work on his lateral and north quickness. 

He did score the winning TD, so his final grade will be higher.

Yards:  C

Yards Per Carry: (2.9) D+

Longest Run:  D

Overall Grade: C+ (1 grade point higher due to TD)

Pat DiMarco

5 carries, 19 yards, 0 TDs, 9 LG

What a great game this guy had as a fullback. This one will show how flawed my grading system is, because we had decent production from the fullback position.  He has the makings of an NFL caliber fullback.

Yards: F

Yards per carry:  (3.8) C+

Longest Run:  D-

Overall Grade: D+ (In reality though, he had a great game). 

Jarvis Giles

5 carries, 13 yards, 0 TDs, 22 LG.

Somewhat of a disappointing start for the true freshman.  He has so much ability and had some nice runs, but a string of stupid bounce back decisions marred his night.  He did have the longest run of the evening: a nifty 22-yard burst. 

Yards: F

Yards per carry:  (2.6) D

Longest Run:  C

Overall Grade: D

Stephen Garcia

8 carries, 16 yards, 0 TD's, 9 LG

Is it just me, or did Stephen Garcia look slower this year?  He looks like he may have put on some weight.  The stats are deflated because sack yardage is taken out of a quarterback's rushing stats.

Yards: F

Yards per carry:  (2.0) D-

Longest Run:  D

Overall grade:  D-


Receiving is a tougher one to grade.  Not everyone gets involved.

Bonuses for touchdowns will be used again, although there were no passing touchdowns this week.


10+= A

8-10= B

6-8= C

3-6= D

1-3= F


100+= A

80-100= B

50-80= C

30-50= D

Less than 30 = F

Longest Reception

40+ = A

25-40 = B

15-25= C

5-15= D

Less than 5= F

Weslye Saunders

4 Receptions, 50 yards, 0 TDs, 30 LG

Saunders had a nice game and was the team's second leading receiver.  He may have even had a bigger day if he kept his mouth closed.  Oh well...hopefully he grew up a bit.

Receptions: D

Yards:  C-

Longest: B

Overall: C-

Tori Gurley

I strongly feel like this man will be a star.  At 6'5", he runs extremely well.  If it was not for a push off and a severe lack of a downfield pass, he could have had a huge game.  It will come. 

Receptions: D

Yards:  D-

Longest: D

Overall: D

Moe Brown

Moe Brown came through in the clutch.  He is a great leader, good speaker, and a pretty good player.  Is he Sydney Rice, Kenny McKinnley, or Troy Williamson? No.  However, he can be productive.  Look for him to have a nice senior season.

Receptions:  D

Yards:  C-

Longest: B

Overall:  C-

Alshon Jeffery

Another freshman with a disappointing opener.  Alshon has great upside, but he did not get the chance to shine.  Hopefully, he will step up.  

Receptions: F

Yards: F

Longest: F

Overall: F


Defensively, this unit gets an A, obviously.  I will not be going through the positional analysis, as it is tough to quantify defense. 

However, the special teams would obviously have to grade as an F.  I thought they were inept.  Terrible kicking scares me in the super competitive SEC. 

Coaching is also hard to quantify, but Spurrier definitely called this one close to the vest.  I have a theory that he did not want to get anything on tape for the Georgia game.  Let's hope that is the case.  So for the benefit of the doubt, I will say the coaching was a C.

Overall, this team has to step up offensively.  Of course, my benchmarks may be a little high, but that's okay.  We should aim to go high. 

If Carolina can just produce an AVERAGE offense to go with that stellar defense, they could easily win eight games.  If the offense begins producing a great deal, this could be a special year.  It is early though, and I won't be able to tell about this team until probably after week four. 

Here is to a great football season!

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