Big Kick-Off Thursday: A Few Points

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IISeptember 4, 2009

BOISE, ID - SEPTEMBER 3:  LaGarrette Blount #9 of the Oregon Ducks watches the clock as it winds downs and the Boise State defeat Oregon 19-8 on September 3, 2009 at Bronco Stadium in Boise, Idaho. Blount punched a Boise State Broncos player after the game causing quite a commotion and talk of him being arrested. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Instead of hammering you with boring match reports from Thursday's games (which you probably already watched anyway), we at the VFA thought it was high time to make a few points.

1) Oregon tailback LaGarrette Blount packed the biggest punch of the day when he landed one on Boise State's Byron Hout. The worst thing was that Boise coach Chris Petersen was holding back Hout after the Broncos player mouthed off to Blount. You can't help but think that Petersen told Hout that he got what he deserved for being such a crappy winner. Welcome to sportsmanship week in college football!

2) Blount's punch was about the biggest thing for Oregon, who couldn't muster a first down until the third quarter in the 19-8 loss on the blue turf. Let's hope things improve for the Ducks (and their wonderful cheerleaders, or it's going to be a long, old season).

3) The Broncos weren't too tidy either, fumbling the ball three times and missing two field goals. Oregon fumbled it twice.

4) The 7-3 South Carolina-NC State game wasn't as much a defensive battle as it was a SEC-ACC borefest that left this writer uninspired by the chances for both teams. Please God, don't kick off the season with these two. We've had two terrible games in a row and I can't go through a third...

5) Speaking of third, that's one higher place than the Gamecocks will end up in the SEC East this season. They'll beat Tennessee, though (throw that one out there...).

6) NC State's student section wasn't exactly original, stealing Penn State's "White Out" idea. I'm slightly surprised they didn't do a red "S" in the senior section and roll out the Wolf. Oh, and a quick note, NC State fans: when your student section's wearing "Beat Carolina" T-shirts, it's generally expected that your student section be loud...

7) Like Boise State's. Even with a bloody great running track around the stadium, the Boise fans still generated a lot of noise. I loved the multi-coloured sections of the crowd. Banks of people coordinated into blue, orange, and white. They seemed to get the memo. Worked brilliantly.

8) Kenny Chesney's song, "This is Our Moment" absolutely blows. Shoot me, please. Much preferred listening to Dave Matthews' "Why I am" at half time of the Boise game. But Kenny Chesney's song is so lousy that it doesn't make you up for watching college football, it makes you up for shooting Kenny Chesney.

9) North Texas' 20-10 road win over Ball State was a bit of stunner considering the condition of both programs last year, while the fact that Indiana squeaked by Eastern Kentucky 19-13 indicates one thing to me: The Hoosiers aren't going to be good this year.

Couldn't find Kenny's song on YouTube (Let's hope it stays that way!), so here's a little Dave Matthews Band: