Michigan Fathers Speak Out for Rich Rod

Big House BobSenior Analyst IISeptember 2, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - JANUARY 01:  Head coach Rich Rodriguez of the West Virginia Mountaineers walks the sidelines prior to taking on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the Toyota Gator Bowl at Alltel Stadium January 1, 2007 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

I know this story is now dying a proper death (which it should), but I think it's important you hear from the fathers of the young men that Rich Rodriguez and staff have supposedly been overworking:

Fred Roh, father of Craig Roh (via Mgoblog)

I am Craig Roh's dad and had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand the recruiting process and first summer with the UM program. I feel obligated to share with readers concrete evidence of the integrity and compliance of the Rich Rod program and staff. My son chose UM because it is one of the few schools in the country that has great football AND academics. He could have gone to UCLA, Cal, Stanford, USC...all great academic schools and he chose Michigan because it had the best of both.
He also selected UM because of the intensity and straight talk of the coaching staff. The first person he met was Mike Barwis. After spending an hour with Barwis, Craig turned to me and said, "He will make me the best I can be. That's what I want." When he met Rich Rod, he was further impressed with his openness and vision. Craig came here BECAUSE of the work ethic that was to be required of him. He WANTS to be pushed to the limits, not coddled and pampered.

(Jumping forward in his statement)

Lastly, I know for a fact that Craig missed workouts in the summer and even missed parts of at least three practices at camp so that he could attend class. He was excused with absolutely no repercussions by the coaching staff.

I am assuming that players who choose to come to UM under Rich Rod are coming here BECAUSE it's hard. They want to become the best. They want to be pushed. They want great academics and great football environment. I detest the accusations made by the Freep. They think they are doing these kids a favor by easing up the workload and, in reality, they are undermining the very reason the kids chose UM!

Ron Stokes:
"My wife [Juanita] and I talk to Je'Ron every day. We follow him through the Internet, by phone, and we've been up there on a couple of occasions," he said. "We spent an entire Thursday through Monday up there, and I'd see guys voluntarily go into that weight room on Sunday and Saturday and put in extra work. "I know [the allegations] are not true, because I know how [strength coach] Mike Barwis cares for these kids. He's taken my son to bible study and to church. These are the kinds of things that impress us about the program and Rich Rod and his staff. They are good people, and I hate the fact that every negative thing put out there brings the wrong perception to the Michigan program.

Mike Schofield:

As a parent of a Michigan Player/Student I find the story in the Freep nothing but nonsense, misinformation, bush league journalism and an attempt to tarnish the great name of Michigan Football. In short, I think it is nothing more than bullshit. I have posted here long before this article cameโ€ฆand I give my permission to release any/all my post about Michigan football to the press.

(later in his statement)

During the summer Michael spent more time studying or going to class bonding with his freshman players and the other students in his dorm. Michael came home for visits, there were no signs of Barwis Police tracking him downโ€ฆthere were NO NCAA Violations, these kids played basketball, catch, and other sport activities with other college kids at the dorm, they went to visit sick children in the hospital and stopped by a summer camp for special needs kidsโ€ฆ..where is that in the Freep? That's right, that will not make national newsโ€ฆand is the truth.

Mike Forcier:

"I've had three sons in college football now, and they've all gone through the same things so far. Tate has been doing the same things as his brothers were at UCLA and Stanford."

Clearly, the parents of quite a number of UM players do not have an issue with the demands put upon their children by Rich Rod and the Wolverine football program.


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