The Best Women Are Wearing Black This Week...Thanks to College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IAugust 29, 2009

My wife is wearing black today.

It isn't like she never or rarely wears black, it's just this week it has more significance; she's become a widow.

No, fans of Ohio State, Alabama, Big 12, Notre Dame and the rest of you, I haven't died and gone to hell as you've so politely requested—she's become a football widow.

I have to say that my wife accepts this role better than most and has truly taken the time to understand it.

Sometimes she goes a little too far in the consideration department, like checking the score, time remaining, down, and distance before telling me there's a fire in the kitchen.

My wife and I dated for over seven years before we got married. While college football is my No. 1 game, I can use any sport to say I'm too busy. ("We can't get married that weekend; it's the State of Origin Australian Rugby Final.")

I'm not saying I get off scot-free. I get my wife fresh flowers every Saturday from the farmers' market, my wife is no stranger to the "little blue box," and I am certainly in no position to say anything when she wants to go to the Turks or someplace to a spa with her girlfriends for a few days; you can call it the tradeoff.

A lot of my friends had to grudgingly give up their life-long goal to be a superfan and know every play of every game every year; I'm still living the dream.

While some other guys are looking at color swatches for a couch or picking out new flooring on a Saturday afternoon, I have three TVs, two computers, and at least one radio working overtime bringing me all of the action.

While most of you have probably seen my picture floating around the Internet and may have an opinion or not, one thing is certain: my wife is a lot better-looking than me. She's 5'11", blonde, and still gets carded.

Somehow she tolerates it when I ask her to move out of the way from my 61" TV because I can't see Brent Musburger. Is there something wrong with me?

So before this piece gets too gushy, and before the season hits stride and our wedding picture is buried beneath a bowl of guacamole, I just want to thank my wife for taking the time to understand that college football is part of me, and I am part of it, and it is an important part of my life. I know am one lucky guy.

*This is an edit and reprint and an annual tradition to ring in the new college football season

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