Nike Basketball Easter Collection 2015 Release Date Schedule and Retail Prices

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistMarch 30, 2015

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Nike will release its Basketball Easter Collection on Thursday just in time for the holiday. The launch features the redesigned trademark shoes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to include traditional Easter colors.

Although the idea is the same for all four shoes, the execution for each was different. They all are able to give off a unique vibe despite being part of the same collection. It also means there should be at least one that appeals to everybody, a wise marketing move.

Here's a breakdown of the available options via Nike:

Nike Basketball Easter Collection
April 2Kobe XHot Lava/Sunset Glow/Sunset Glow/Black$180
April 2LeBron 12Aluminum/Hot Lava/Black/Sunset Glow$200
April 2KD7Liquid Lime/Vapor Green/Sunset Glow/Black$150
April 2Kyrie 1Medium Berry/Hot Lava/Black/Metallic Silver$110

Icy Sole provided a look at the Kobe X version:

IcySole @IcySoleOnline

#Easter Nike Kobe X has been revealed in detail, thoughts? LINK: http://t.co/AtI31mfXqh http://t.co/YSN8tIuL6t

The one thing that immediately stands out is the gradient effect. Instead of choosing one solid color the shoe basically gets cut into two sections with the swoosh carrying into both. It's one of those things where collectors will probably either love it or loathe it.

At the very least, it does help bring an extra layer of contrast to the design. Add it to the light laces and the solid soles and the shoe comes together pretty nicely.

Up next is the LeBron 12 edition courtesy of Cavs Central:

CavsCentral216 @cavscentral216

Nike LeBron 12 'Easter' Officially Unveiled - http://t.co/pUjlPrmJWw http://t.co/Poy0SvGNhy

The overall feeling about this shoe probably depends on how much a person likes the black connector that starts at the bottom with the logo and flows to the back and up to the laces. It brings the entire design together, but at the same time it doesn't fit the Easter feel.

Of course, since the rest of the shoe features the bright holiday colors, it does help prevent the shoe from going too over the top. That's always important. It needs to fit the collection but should also be good enough to get worn at other times.

The KD7 Easter is the most showy of the bunch, as illustrated by Sneaker Mob:

SneakerMob.com @SneakerMob

'Easter' KD7; http://t.co/6iCt9JMJH0 http://t.co/Tt7Bn6lhyB

Now this shoe screams Easter. The bright colors and the pattern on the back won't appeal to everybody. But for those that collect unique looks, this is going to fit right in. It's the type of design that's going to immediately stand out on the street.

Perhaps the fact it stands out most from the group shouldn't come as a surprise. The original KD7 was also a standout design with several bright colors to choose from, including a shiny silver and orange combo. So the Easter one simply sticks with the theme.

And finally, here's the Kyrie 1 style, via Style Engine:

Style Engine @StyleEngine

Nike Kyrie 1 “Easter” - http://t.co/SqEshd9osP http://t.co/NLrvry7zAm

The saw-edge look on the bottom of both the original Kyrie 1 and the Easter version really works. It may seem a bit simplistic given the exotic direction the shoe market has headed as companies look to stand out, but it's a nice fit.

Otherwise, this is a pretty straightforward spring shoe. The colors work, nothing is too drastic and everything flows together. A safe approach for a player brand still in the early stages.

All told, the Basketball Easter Collection probably isn't going to generate as much hype as many of Nike's other releases in 2015. It's more of a niche launch for people looking for something more unique that fits into the time period of Easter and spring.

The KD7 is the most interesting design of the bunch. That said, as mentioned earlier, it's the type of thing where everybody will have their own favorite from the quartet based on personal taste.


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