Notre Dame's "Unruly Behavior" Text Account: Top 10 List

Taylor UrbanskiContributor IAugust 23, 2009

Apparently Notre Dame Football fans don’t know how to act!

The University of Notre Dame has announced fans will be able to utilize a new text messaging system to report any unruly or disruptive behavior on game days.

Fans can begin sending texts at 8:00 am on Saturdays to 41513 followed by the word “Irish,” a space, and a brief description of the issue and its location.

Ushers, public safety personnel, or university officials will respond to the instances as needed.

As I heard the news today, I sat back and wondered what 80,000 college football fans may feel inclined to text to this official “tattle-tale” number.

Of course, a Top 10 list is eminent…

The Top 10 Issues of a Notre Dame Football Fan on a Typical Saturday

No. 10—41513 Irish: I need tickets!

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No. 9—41513 Irish: What’s the number again where we can send these texts?

No. 8—41513 Irish: Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

No. 7—41513 Irish: Can we get four hot dogs, four beers down in Sec. 21, Row Six?!

No. 6—41513 Irish: Explanation for the probable text you will receive from the girl in Sec. 19, Row 20, Seat Four…what would you do if a girl had on shorts that had “Play Like a Champion Today” written across the butt?

No. 5—41513 Irish: I was late for dinner last night…can I please still watch the game?

No. 4—41513 Irish: So uh…are you hot? Wanna hang out after the game?  

No. 3—41513 Irish: Can you replay that touchdown on the big screen? I missed it cuz I was texting!

No. 2—41513 Irish: Seriously, 4 hot dogs and 4 beers are needed now!

And the No. 1 issue of a Notre Dame fan on a typical Saturday...

No. 1—41513 Irish: Need more Four Horsemen…not even the 10 Four Horsemen I just drank will make this game any better.

Feel free to criticize these and add more! I hope Notre Dame knows what they’re getting themselves into with this text account!

Go Irish!!!

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