Michigan Quarterbacks Look To Create More Explosive Plays This Season

Peter WhiteContributor IAugust 21, 2009

Coach Rich Rodriguez is considered very open with his offensive mindset.

He's considered a master of the spread-option offense and he has admitted he spends most of his time working on the offensive side of the ball.

So when the offense produced a number of big plays this past week, he was very thrilled. He focused less on the fact that they came against U-M's defense (which was horrible a year ago) and said the increase in the number of big offensive plays from last season's camp has dramatically increased.

"I think there has been," he said, referring to the report on MGOBLUE.com of a lot of 60-plus-yard runs from quarterback Denard Robinson, plus all of the long passing plays from Tate and Denard. "There's been a lot more explosive plays offensively, and I think part of it is due to guys executing a little bit better, and some of it has to do with the fact that a lot of the guys have been in the system for a year."

Some of them from the young quarterbacks, Denard and Tate (Forcier) the new guys have come on a lot especially Denard this only being his second week in practice. He has done some big things for the offense that they didn't have a year ago.

He talked bout Kelvin Grady, who had switched over from the basketball team.

Some of it is the correct play calling against the defense, but the players still have to take advantage of the situation, which is happening more often with these young  quarterbacks.

"I've seen them—taking more advantage of those opportunities in a week and a half than I  ever did last year," Rodriguez said.

Now whether those big plays are the because of poor defense, Rodriguez said it can be a combination of both, depending on what defense scheme was called.

Quick Notes for Today

Receiver Martavious Odoms remains out because of a headache, though Rodriguez said it wasn't a concussion. Cornerback Donovan Warren and offensive lineman Ricky Barnum are still in protective green jerseys, but tailback Brandon Minor was back in full-contact after sitting out the past couple of days with a headache (possible concussion).

The staff is still very concerned about the depth at the D-Line and has discussed the possibility of moving John Ferrara back to the offensive line. He was switched last season due to injuries.

Rodriguez said the defense has, "A long way to go in a lot of respects," and "We're only a few injuries away, defensively, from being in a very bad situation."

The composition for long snapper Rodriguez has said that Tom Pomarico is the leading candidate to be the long snapper.


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