Who Do Ya Trust? College Football's "Power Program" Mock Draft

Seth BowmanCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2009

Nobody can forget the original Batman movie starring Jack Nicholson as the "Joker." In the movie there is a particular scene where the Joker is passing out money to Gotham City. A very memorbable scene it was the Joker riding atop a massive float asking the people of Gotham "who do ya trust, me or the bat?"

On a beautiful average afternoon, I found myself reviewing ESPN's college football program power rankings; crafted in NFL mock draft style.

ESPN's three college football writers Pat Forde, Mark Schlabach, and Ivan Maisel each picked a program who they each felt was worthy of such a ranking and drafted them one through forty.

The criteria used for the mock draft was very unrestricted as writer Pat Forde said in his column, "we'll be drafting the most successful programs in the nation, based on whatever criteria each of us chooses to bring to the situation room.

There is no set formula for this. Wins and losses matter most—and what you've done in the 21st century is more important than what happened in the 1930s—but fan following and overall prestige count, too."

So with a clear cut formula and three college football experts, they have to be "spot on" right? Well I felt it was a bit off, but then again some of their picks were indeed correct. I on the other hand have a different set of picks. The ESPN trio drafted forty power programs, and I am going to draft my forty power programs much with the same criteria ESPN used (wins, losses, tradition, fan base).

So what does a college football mock draft have to do with Batman? Well below my draft is a link to ESPN's draft. After reading both mine, and ESPN's draft, leave comments below my article on what you thought, and more importantly comments on "who do ya trust, me or the peanut gallery (Forde, Schlabach, Maisel)?"

1) Texas- The Texas Longhorns are the number one team in college football now. The Horns have the perfect blend of tradition and "what have you done for me recently" to earn this spot. Back in the day, and now, the Horns are annual contenders for the National Championship.

2) Ohio State- Ohio State along with Texas, has that special blend of tradition and recent "hotness" to deserve a top three spot. What knocked the Buckeyes from number one? Well, I think two blowouts in the BCS Championship by the SEC did that. Whether they won it all or not, the Buckeyes have a tendency to always be there at the end (I feel hate from Big Blue coming on...ha).

3) Florida- Florida Who? Before Steve Spurrier stepped on campus, the Gators were not much at all contendors for anything. But, the Gators are the exact model of "what have you done for me recently." One National Championship under Spurrier, and two under Urban Meyer lands the Gators number three.

4) USC- Southern California during the late 1990s was atrocious. But when Pete Carroll became their coach the Trojans spurred a college football tear in wins, bowls and recruiting.

The Trojans, year in and year out, have quality teams. With the talent they recruit Carroll could literally field two teams worthy of a bowl. Do you really think Rick Neuheisel scares any USC fan? I hope not.

5) Oklahoma- The Sooners under Bob Stoops have been fantastic for the game of college football. It would be even more fantastic if when they got to a bowl game they could win it. But something can still be said of making it there consistently, and that the Sooners do best.

6) Alabama- Is it possible for any team to beat the Tide in fan support and passion? Year round Bamers are reading, writing, watching, and listening to news about their team. I am pretty sure that if you live in Alabama, there are only two questions that occupy your brain, did Bama Win? And did Auburn Lose?

With the Crimson Tide's unmatchable fan base and a rich winning tradition (both late, and recently under Saban) how could they not be in a top 10 college football list of any kind?

7) Linebacker U (Penn State)- The Nittany Lions have a nack for producing top NFL talent. Along with great fans, quality teams and a fantastic stadium, in my opinion Penn State is one of the North's best football teams.

8) Florida State- Bobby Bowden has put a winning stamp on this program that I dont even think Mr. Clean would be able to remove (or maby a school wide scandel I am not sure?).

The 1990s and early 2000s were a place in time where Florida State dominated football. There's no other pre-game tradition I love better than the Seminole and the flaming spear.

9) The U- Miami has long been a football tradition of strong, mean and gritty players that would make even the bravest of us shake in our boots. The 1980's and 1990's were a great time period in this school's history. Not to much of late, but hey, its the U, they will come around.

10) Michigan- Wolverine fans the world over are going to hate me (what about Notre Dame Fans? Yikes!!). I hate to put the number one all time winning team this low. But Big Blue has very little "what have you done for me recently" swagger surrounding the program.

Coach Rod will have them up and going soon, and I will most definitely give Michigan this complement, you beat Florida in 2007, congrats! But you did lose to division two school Appalachian State in the Big House (sorry!).

11) LSU 12) Notre Dame 13) Nebraska 14) Georgia 15)West Virginia 16) Boise State 17) Utah 18) Tennessee 19)Virginia Tech 20) Auburn 21) Clemson 22) Wisconsin 23) Boston College 24) Michigan State 25) Texas A&M 26) BYU 27) TCU 28) Oregon 29) California 30) South Florida 31) Ole Miss 32) UCLA 33) Texas Tech 34) Iowa 35) Oklahoma State 36) Arkansas 37) Georgia Tech 38) South Carolina 39) Kansas 40) Pittsburgh

Below Is ESPN's Draft: Leave Comments on what you think.



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