Stephen Curry Says He'd Vote for Himself or LeBron James for MVP

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 17, 2015

Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

Stephen Curry joined The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday for a conversation on the potential of a shortened NBA season and the three-way race among him, Russell Westbrook and James Harden for MVP honors.

ProBasketballTalk’s Brett Pollakoff spotted a clip of the segment. Curry kicked things off by saying he believes players should have partial influence over who is chosen as the league’s most valuable player. 

“I think [players] should have a portion of the vote,” Curry said. “Obviously, we’re the ones playing against each other and we know who’s having the best year and who’s doing things that, you know, really stand out.” 

Host Dan Patrick pushed a bit further, asking Curry if he could anonymously vote for himself, would he do it?

“Yes,” Curry said. 

How about if he couldn’t vote for himself or Klay Thompson? Curry went with LeBron James.

“If I can’t vote for myself or Klay, then...this year, I’d probably vote for LeBron,” Curry said.

Patrick seemed surprised to hear Curry punching his imaginary vote for James, widely considered a distant-to-non-contender in this season’s MVP race. 

“But he’s not…it’s weird that he’s not in the [MVP] conversation,” Patrick said. “I don’t understand that, Steph. If he’s the best player in the game, and the Cavs are, what, gonna be a No. 2 seed and maybe one of the two or three favorites to win it all…are we tired of LeBron James, that story?”

Curry said he thought James was in the running, as always. 

“I don’t know, I don’t follow that closely. I thought [James] was up there,” Curry said. “... He’s obviously one of the most talented guys on the face of the planet.”

This sounds like Curry genuflecting—paying his respects to James, who is having a stellar year by normal-human-being standards but a pedestrian one on as far as demigods go. Picking James, the greatest player of the last decade parked safely outside the Western Conference battle zone, allows Curry to avoid using blasphemous words such as “Harden” or “Westbrook.”

Curry has to tangle with these guys on a weekly basis, and anything sounding like a sideways cosign wouldn’t play well for team morale or his own chances for MVP.

The good news for Warriors fans is Curry's confident in his own campaign. If you wouldn't vote for yourself, why should anyone else?

Dan is on Twitter. Always, always vote for yourself. Could be the difference. 


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