Mark May: Closet Notre Dame Supporter?

Jim MiesleCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2009

I must admit that I laughed as I wrote that one.

I have been opposed to the commentary of Mr. May for some years, listening to his ND bashing insight while waiting to see what Lou Holtz was going to say next.

I don’t like to use the word “hate,” but the guy did infuriate me on multiple occasions. And then, a few weeks back, I read the following article posted on BlueandGold.com (http://www.blueandgold.com/content/?aid=7415 if the link doesn’t work).

I have to say that after that, well, I’m not sure if you will agree with me or not—but the wind left the sails a bit.

I recall before the 2007 season (when we all thought it would be tough, but probably a 7-8 win season) watching an ESPN preview and him saying that they would be lucky to win three games. Chalk one up for Mr. May.

And then again last season, he said we would be lucky to win six during the season. Kudos again, Mark.

The first part of the article that really resonated with me was:

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“Fans don’t understand that I want Notre Dame to be good,” May noted. “I want Penn State to be good. I want Alabama to be good…because I think those major teams, like a Texas or USC, were the foundation of college football when I grew up in the 60s and 70s. I loved them to do well, and when they don’t, it’s frustrating to me.

Simply put, college football needs a quality Notre Dame program to be at its best.

There is bulletin board material for all the haters out there if I have ever seen it.

I would have to say that I agree with him (and not just because I am a ND fan).

The thing that really got me about this article was his prediction for the upcoming season:

“I haven’t gone into it extensively yet, but so far, a minimum of nine wins,” May said. “I think a key game people aren’t realizing is Nevada right off the bat. Nevada will come in with their ears pinned back. They’ve got one of the best running attacks in the nation, a quarterback who can run and throw the football…the only problem in that game is their pass defense is one of the worst in the nation. It could be a shootout.

One of the most vocal anti-ND voices in the national sports media says they win a minimum of nine games?

Wow. That is one piece of validation that Irish supporters have been looking for. I think it speaks volumes about the recruiting and head coaching situation in South Bend.

Things are looking good for the upcoming season, and if the Irish have the “support” of one of their most ardent and vocal critics, then maybe we will all be in for a treat this fall.

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