Jason Forcier Will Not Suit Up For Michigan This Fall

Peter WhiteContributor IAugust 19, 2009

Jason Forcier's dream ended but he already knew it had ended.

The oldest brother of the football-playing Forcier family played his first two years at U-M, transferred to Stanford because he was stuck at quarterback behind Chad Henne in Ann Arbor, graduated in Palo Alto then tried to come back to the Wolverines for grad school and a fifth year of football this season. But after months of paperwork and applications, he couldn't make it work. Its sad but he will still come to Ann Arbor to help Tate adjust to the college life

"Stuff happens for a reason," Forcier said Tuesday. "Michigan and Stanford offer a lot of the same grad programs and I needed something idk different to  be able to make it work."

He didn't help his cause by starting the process  of trying to come so late in the summer and figures if he started planning last fall, at the start of his senior year at Stanford, he might have had a better shot. But it doesn't bother Jason that much because he played his college career and has now moved on to watching another Forcier, his younger brother Tate, a freshman QB for the Wolverines. He is very excited to watch what Tate can do

"Regardless, I plan on staying in Ann Arbor and helping out Tate get acclimated,"  to the college level Jason said. "I'm trying to find a job and find on in this area."

For now, crashing with his younger brother—"I don't have a job or money yet"—is a bit of a role reversal. Jason is paying him back as another reassuring voice. Humm intersting comment by Jason i think

"I've got to let him be a college student, but when you're the quarterback at the University of Michigan, there are a lot of outside influences and some people who maybe shouldn't be around him," Jason said. "I need to educate him and give him insight into that." This is definlty true he needs to realize that u are the Qb at the one of the best schools in the nation and its very hard for freshmen to handle that kinda pressure.

Jason took one of the first steps in that direction Tuesday, seeking out former U-M quarterback Drew Henson, who was on campus Tuesday and planning to set up some time for him to talk to Tate about the spotlight of the high-profile position. Henson, of course, knows all about the attention as a high-profile freshman competing for playing time. We all know bout Drew Henson tht ended up playing baseball then trying to come back.

"He can tell Tate the experience of being the Michigan quarterback and Tate can ask him questions," Jason said.

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Jason made similar introductions for Tate back in January, when Tate enrolled at U-M and some of Jason's old U-M classmates—Zoltan Mesko, Mark Ortmann, Tim North and Tim McAvoy—were able to aid the young quarterback's adjustment to campus. This was very important in terms of Tate's adjustment to college having guys around u that can mentor you and help to ease the adjustment of being 3,000 miles away from home.

As for his analysis of his younger brother in camp, Jason has been very impressed.

"He's doing very well," Jason said. "He's had his ups and downs like any camps just like all the freshmen do and the coaches are really pushing him to see all he can handle. He has the keys to the Ferrari so they want to see. This is a great comment i think.

"He's improved tremendously. Some of the stuff he's doing by improvising you don't usually see out of a freshman quarterback. Even though he might not have all the offense down, being creative will help."

Jason will continue to watch over his brother, offering football assistance if he asks for it, and find a job using his communications degree. He's looking for field-type work, he said, and knows being part of the Michigan football family has helped former players get work in the past. This will defintily help

"That's one of the reasons I helped persuade Tate to come here, I realized the opportunity he would have with a Michigan degree," Jason said. Im sure every Michigan player that comes here knows that u will get the best degree possible.

Jason's pitch to prospective employers? He comes with the best of both worlds, a Michigan education and a Stanford degree. If thats not enough idk what is.

And this week's disappointment about not enrolling at U-M and joining the team as quarterback insurance?

"I can't pout about the past," he said. "It just gives me some motivation in the work force, to prove myself and to work hard every day