Randy Hanson, Generic Oakland Raiders Coach, Gets Decked

Al's WingmanAnalyst IAugust 18, 2009

Why do we even know Randy Hanson’s name?  Other than being a very low level Al Davis bootlicker, what has this guy done that has contributed to anything resembling success for the Oakland Raiders?

Does anyone even care that this nobody is/was an assistant coach in the NFL?

Hanson has done nothing but make a nuisance of himself with two Oakland Raiders coaching staffs.

His only accomplishment as far as we can see is that through some quirk of fate he managed to land an NFL job because he convinced Al Davis he puts silver and black ahead of all else in his existence.

It’s not impossible to get in the good graces of Al.  He does listen to and likes to hear what people have to say.  It just so happens Hanson got his ear one day and Al expanded his circle of bootlickers.

Despite Lance Kiffin’s shortcomings as a head coach, Hanson was outwardly critical and insubordinate on his staff.

It’s one thing to have an opinion but another to be verbal about it and draw attention to yourself among your peers in a negative way.

Now we learn that Hanson did the same thing and riled either John Marshall or Tom Cable (or both) and took a shot to the jaw for his trouble.

No doubt, Hanson deserved it.  If we look at his team photo, he looks like he really needs a shot to the mouth.

Hanson looks like a frat boy with a typical manure-for-brains attitude.  How can we tell so much from his photo?  "How can we not?" is the real question.

C’mon, look at that mug.  It doesn’t get more anonymously, generic, manure-for-brains, frat-boy-nobody than that.  It just doesn’t.

You have to laugh at the explanation being tossed out there that Cable overturned Hanson’s chair and he fell into a cabinet.

No, that is not what happened.  You fracture your jaw—that means you were punched.

A word of advice for the next time Hanson shoots his mouth off: You want to punch him in the gut, take the wind out of him so he is tasting his breakfast.  This way he can’t draw breath to speak, which is the problem to begin with.

Hanson is shooting his mouth off because he does not have respect for the coaching staff.  He feels he is accountable only to Al.

This lack of discipline is what makes the Raiders a bad organization.  When you have a fiefdom, it is inevitable you get peons with attitude.  That is what Hanson the nobody represents—the problem with the Raiders.


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