Rutgers : NYC :: Syracuse : NJ?

Andrew WeaverCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2009

News broke today that Syracuse signed a couple of deals to play USC and Notre Dame at the Meadowlands in 2012, 2014, and 2016.

The Meadowlands, as you know, are located in New Jersey.

Syracuse University’s campus, meanwhile, is located approximately 250 miles to the north… in upstate NEW YORK.

Oh, one other thing:  Syracuse will be the “Home” team for these New Jersey-based games.

Um, ok.

For the last several years, due mostly in part to coach Greg Schiano’s vision, the football program has launched and maintained a robust marketing campaign based around the term, “The State of Rutgers.”

The State of Rutgers, of course, has expanded into more cities and states each year (South Florida, Maryland, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware), but it stems from local roots, like New Jersey and New York. 

As part of the campaign, the school has branded billboards, taken out full-page newspaper ads in publications such as the NY Daily News, distributed block “R” car magnets, and even decorated entire New York City buses with scarlet red as well as RU Football trademarks and trade names.

Oh yeah, and the Empire State Building was lit up in scarlet for the team’s magical run in 2006.  (Fun fact:  New York’s nickname is The Empire State).

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So, based on the exposure and attention that Rutgers Football has received in the past several years, it’s pretty clear that if New York City had a college team, it would be RU.   In fact, there’s really no argument, based on the lack of comparable data.

For some (silly) reason though, Syracuse would like people to think THEY are the college team of NYC.


Why would they think that?  How about some evidence to support such a crazy claim?

Ohhh, I know why, and I have seen the evidence.  In the past several weeks and months, I’ve seen multiple NYC taxicabs with their message lighting up the triangular ad space atop the cars.

Well done, Syracuse.  A tough act to follow, indeed.

And what better way to secure themselves as “New York City’s College Team” than to announce three future “home” games out of state!  Brilliant!

Sorry, ‘Cuse, New York City isn’t for sale.

Feel free to try your luck in northern New Jersey, but I don’t think they’re looking for a team either.

With the new deals signed with USC and Notre Dame, Syracuse will have the opportunity to get TWO beatdowns in New Jersey per year!

Maybe they ARE trying to become New Jersey’s favorite college team after all?  (Personally, I LOVE when Syracuse comes to town).

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