Like Sharks to Blood

Mike In ValdostaCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2009

The politicians are at it again. No, we are not talking about the BCS, although we could talk as long as the bottle's contents last. Today we are talking about the SEC's media deal. While the SEC is trying hard to find a way to profit off of our thoughts and memories (hyperbole is a norm during happy hour), South Carolina legislators are getting in on the act. SEC, USC coverage restrictions under fire | GreenvilleOnline.com | The Greenville News
“my immediate thought was that this is an anti-competitive practice that actually I'm not even sure would pass federal law.”
T Kyle, our friendly Dawg blogging barrister gives his two cents: How Do the New SEC Media Policies Affect Your Friendly Neighborhood Webloggers? - Dawg Sports
By buying a ticket, I am agreeing to a contractual arrangement whereby I will refrain from producing or disseminating accounts of the game, except to the extent that the First Amendment allows me to do so. Well, that's a pretty broad extent, don't you think?

The BUI opinion, if I ever had a credential of any kind, I'd say let the get their dag gum damages out of me. This turnip is ready for their collective squezzing.

The thought of live blogging during the game is much harder for me than the average fan. Not to mention the constant drink in one of my hands, but that drink's devilish effects leave blogging a relative impossibility. Pictures? I have yet to take a post kickoff picture that wasn't so blurry you could not tell it was a football game.

In any event, if the "man" does come a calling on yours truly, please click on the condom ad, or the stubhub ad accompanying this post. Just put a little more blood in that turnip and have a great weekend, BUI style!

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