It's the Same Ole Thing: Boise State Broncos Looking Perfect in the Air

Lace BanachekAnalyst IAugust 14, 2009

Well, the first scrimmage has been played and for the most part there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is, if the Oregon Ducks new head coach Chip Kelley sent over a spy he’s probably feeling over confidant now, as the Boise State good news would be non-apparent to him.

The Broncos newly assigned running back coach might not be feeling so confident though as the Boise State run game was totally non existent responding with a net gain of –4 yards on 43 carries.

But the good news to that is Jeremy Avery did not play in the scrimmage. Also, 12 of those carries were from the four quarterbacks, which also netted a –4 yards per carry.

Oh Nelly?

One of the backs fared well though, Jarvis Hodge, he was the only back to net over two yards, he carried just once for a 10-yard gain. Indeed, the defense appeared to be pretty much where they were last season (running game wise).

In case anyone forgot last season the defense pretty much shut down everyone's run game, and that’s the good news as many of those players are gone and the end result is still the same.

The defense is getting the job done. Besides, just because the run game didn’t produce good news (a lot of yards) is not the making of bad news, not for the Broncos anyway.

The bad news is the defensive secondary did not look too sweet, against Kellen Moore anyway.  Kellen was near perfect only missing on five throws with no turnovers, and that’s good news.

Kellen seemed even “Moore” confidant than last season and Bronco fans are going to love the passing game.

The bad news is if you’re a Geraldo Hiwat fan and had hopes of watching that amazing young man sprint down the sidelines for a TD this season it’s not happening. Hiwat for sure will be redshirting. He just could not seem to bring home the baby. He had passes so well thrown they bounced off of him each and every time. 

So, will Kirby Moore be playing the true freshman role once his foot is healed? Many believe he will, but this writer tends to think otherwise, as his money is on Aaron Burks.

Burks reeled in seven catches for 90 yards, the most catches of any receiver yesterday. This kid was a find. Indeed the passing game is the Bronco baby, it has not been hurt by graduation, and in fact it seems better—if that is possible considering who all left the program.

The Bronco passing game displayed 11 different receivers catching 37 passes for 552 total yards, which included a 66 yarder by tight end Kyle Efaw. Titus Young, Austin Pettis, Tyler Shoemaker, and Kyle Efaw were brilliant, and that’s the good news. 

Austin caught a sweet alley-oop in the end zone for a TD, and if that reception had been in the Taco Bell Arena Pettis might have been confused for Michael Jordan with that in the air spin. Bronco fans it just does not get better than this. 

Austin is a stud: he just keeps getting better. Titus is also a force, he is amazingly quick, he has great hands, and he just gets it done. But talk about getting it done, Shoemaker’s showing was excellent yesterday. The “Shoe” caught 6 for nearly 120 yards, the most yards of any receiver.

All in all, the passing game was solid, and even Potter and Burroughs came through with eight catches. OK the rest of the scrimmage looked a little rough and so there are things to work on—But all in all not that much!  

We will glance at the D in Sundays article. A couple of those guys played well today and we will highlight them in conjunction with how they fit in the rotation. And that’s another story.

Go Broncos!


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