Bengal Banter: Two Words That Tell the Final Tale

Dale WeaverCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2009

AUBURN, AL - SEPTEMBER 20:  Defensive back Ron Brooks #13 of the LSU Tigers celebrates after defeating the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on September 20, 2008 in Auburn, Alabama. LSU defeated Auburn 26-21.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Like any college football preseason, "experts" roll out their logical, well-thought beliefs on how and who, will roam among the elite to contend for the crystal ball?

Tebow, Texas...which college stadium is the best?

Time and tried old debates of whose conference reigns supreme, which coach is on the "hot seat", and which school’s cheerleaders are most "Hooter-esque?"

Top 10 lists...top five lists...who should not be on a list.

Statistics, schedules, and any nuance of change for a program, are poured onto the theoretical information gridiron...with hopes of attracting enough hits from readers, who desperately look for their favorite teams chances to win the big enchilada.

As only college football can, bloggers of all ages, races, and backgrounds...emerge. Jumping on the chance to gleefully and at times, sinisterly..."blog’n run"...”your team sucks...your band sucks...your whole state sucks”.

Homers flood the World Wide Web to preach their whole-hearted hype...so passionately and tunnel-visioned, as if the other hated homers would drop their two cents and join their cause?

I’ll bite.

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I’ll take that chance.

I’ll join the rank and file as a "pundit" of my home state’s football program.

I’ll take that chance to be one who may go down as the homer who was the homiest of homers.

Yes...I’ll go beyond logic that says that Florida is the juggernaut of the 2009 season and should win back-to-back championships.

Did anyone give the 1980 U.S. Hockey team any chance to win an Olympic Gold Medal against Russia?

Little, puny Appalachian St. came to big bad Ann Arbor to take on Michigan...did you pencil in App. St.?

Rocky got no love as the no-name southpaw from Philly in beating heavyweight world champion Apollo Creed. Nobody but us movie goers picked him?

Nobody...except for maybe Lisa Horne...is picking LSU to do much of anything.

Sure, a respectful coaches' poll at No. 9 is ok. SI has them at 13. AP will be somewhere in between...which is good. Better than off "the list."

But the 2009 Louisiana State football team, who for sure is not an off-the-map type of program, is getting no love at winning big. It’s a big-time program, with big-time talent.

However, this big-time program with its big-time talent had a big-time disappointing 2008 effort.

I say effort only in the sense that last year's players and coaches gave an effort, but not the effort that is needed to do great things.

A key ingredient relating to effort was missing.

Missing, but has seemed to have been found...sometimes a well-intentioned effort will unveil the key ingredient that is needed to create a masterful-tasting season.

I’ve heard it from Coach Miles. I’ve heard it from Coach Chavis...and I’m sure every coach and player on the 2009 LSU football team is well aware of which part of effort they must have in order to reach the top.

You may ask, "What effort are you speaking about? What are the two words that tell the tale?"

"Championship effort."

If you’re going to run with the big dogs...you’ve got to give a championship effort.

Last year LSU didn’t.

This year looks promising.

Based on Coach Miles' body language, smiles, and swagger in talking with the media thus far...I’d say the Tigers are focused on getting and not losing the key ingredient of championship effort.

To all my fellow SEC Homers...that should be some bad news for you and your top 10 list come December.

Geaux Tigers.

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