Terrelle Pryor: Speed Kills

Kyle Strittholt@Man0fSteel94Correspondent IAugust 11, 2009

In the past season, the biggest knock on Ohio State is that they just don't have the speed to hang with their out of conference opponents like Florida, LSU, or USC.

In the National Championship against Florida three seasons ago the only player on the Buckeyes team that could match the speed of Florida’s defense was Ted Ginn Jr. and he proved it on the opening kick-off taking it all the way for a touchdown.

Unfortunately, he was injured during the celebration and it took the Buckeyes’ offense down a few notches to where they no longer looked like the best in the nation.

People can argue that one man shouldn’t make so much of a difference, but that changed the games out come without a doubt.

It’s now three seasons later and the Buckeyes haven’t found a receiver as dominant as Ginn, instead they have a quarterback that’s the fastest guy on their sidelines.

Terrelle Pryor ran a 4.33 40-yard dash which was the fastest time recorded for the Buckeyes this season.

You could argue and say it was fake, but the one thing you can’t deny is that Pryor is a very athletic quarterback, and we haven’t seen someone like him since Vince Young.

Vince Young was dominant in the fact that he had so many ways to beat you. He had the speed, but it was accompanied by a big frame that was hard to tackle. On top of that he was a play maker with his arm and made the throws he needed to.

Of course, we know how that worked out for the Texas Longhorns going undefeated and winning the National Championship.

When you look at Pryor it looks like he’s slow, but he has such long strides that he’s there one minute gone the next. Something else that we seen is he can be aggressive and knock over the smaller corners and safeties.

Pryor wants to be a traditional quarterback that drops back and throws that’s why he didn’t go to Michigan, but he can’t turn his back on the gift that he has.

He is the key to this team being successful and that’s with everything he can do. He can run, throw, catch, lead, and anything else they need him to do.

Last season against USC he was the only player that could do anything against the Trojans defense. He went seven for nine passing for 52 yards, and on the running part he gained 40 yards.

He wasn’t sacked like Todd Boeckman was, and for his first huge game he didn’t seem flustered.

Terrelle Pryor will be a force to be reckoned with this year, and he will only be improving more and more.

USC will not have a cakewalk like they did last season and neither will any other team. This whole offense changes with Pryor because you will see the option, designed quarterback draws, and quarterback scrambles and even the best defenses can’t stop all three.


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