Not too soon to brace yourself for another flawed National Championship game.

Mike In ValdostaCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

The Dawgs are hitting, the days are counting down, and my Google Reader is blowing up with unread stories.  Seems like the perfect time for me to go on another playoff rant.

While I might be among the majority of college football fans, I am certainly in the minority of Georgia bloggers on this issue.  The many obstacles standing in the way of a playoff have been noted over and over again. Most, if not all, of these obstacles are by design. They are there to protect the status quo. Heck, many of you reading this have been convinced that a program's revenue is more important than a legitimate shot at a winning a national championship.

Yes, we have the best regular season in all of sport. Yes, we have more tradition and history than most sports. Yes, this is how we have always done it. Yes, I believe championships should be decided on the field. No, I am not sold on the idea that a playoff would hurt Georgia financially. No, I do not think a two team playoff in which the participants are voted in qualifies as a true championship.

The current system, like most bureaucrocies, serves the weak at the expense of the strong. I recently saw a posting stating that any system that gets the Arizona Cardinals into the champioship game is a flawed system due to their weak regular season record.  My position is that their weak regular season record may be due to the competition they faced. After all, in the post season they whipped every team that came before them before ultimately losing to the Steelers in the Super Bowl.  What is wrong with that?

Tony Barnhardt spoke with Gary Danielson about the upcoming SEC season. The subject was not about a playoff, but this statement speaks volumes about the problems with the current BCS arrangement. Danielson: Georgia will be the surprise team of SEC | Mr. College Football
“I don’t think there is any doubt that it is separating itself because it will attract great players for the foreseeable future. But here is the danger and I started saying this three years ago. The future challenge for this league is that if the rules don’t change for playing for the national championship (only the top two in the BCS standings get in) it is going be more difficult for the SEC to keep winning national titles. These teams are going to be so good. Ole Miss is improving. Arkansas is improving. Auburn is going to come back. Tennessee is going to come back. Florida, Alabama, LSU, and Georgia are great programs. You’re going to have a bunch of teams with two losses and people are going to start thinking this is an average league. They would be wrong, but that will be the perception.

Right now the SEC has the benefit of everything going their way. They are going to win all tiebreakers. Their teams will be ranked higher at the beginning of the year and deservedly so. But does a one-loss SEC team jump ahead of an undefeated Big Ten team? As we move forward there is going to be tremendous pressure to put the undefeated teams in.

Things changed for the SEC when (No. 4) Florida jumped over (No. 3) Michigan in 2006 and played Ohio State for the national championship and won. Could they change again because the SEC gets so tough and really starts beating each other up? That’s the danger I see down the road.”

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